Most Valuable Mono – Friend Opportunity single

Most Valuable Mono
Friend Opportunity single

This CD single, Friend Opportunity, follows from Most Valuable Mono’s other “white-label” CDs and EPs. What this seems to mean is that MVM does the compositions, recordings, and pressings himself, or has the tracks released by small labels and put on compilations. And “himself” refers to Gavin Savage, the sole member of the band.

The two songs on the single show MVM to be working the moody territory of the slowest Mogwai tracks. Remember the landmark “Helps Both Ways” from Mogwai’s Come On Die Young album? That’s a fair starting point for MVM’s “Youth Noise,” with its leaden beat and its voice samples. Both tracks on Friend Opportunity have dry, Albini-type drums for rhythm, but on “Friend Opportunity” it’s acoustic drums, like Mogwai.

Also on “Friend Opportunity” the guitars echo slowly as they fill up the space with lonely sounding notes. The repetitive bass anchors the sound, unwaveringly consistent and moody. Creeping into “Friend Opportunity” is a distorted guitar that climbs into the mix slowly and disappears abruptly, never reaching the GYBE type of cacophony typical of the genre.

“Youth Noise” has a repeating guitar feature redolent with the strains of Come On Die Young. The track has quiet background keyboard chords to reinforce the mood.

MVM, or Gavin, has done time in a band called Kid Robot and has remixed earlier songs for some of his performances. He’s also doing some soundtrack work. And he’s 19 years old. It will be interesting to see how his work develops because he seems to be off to an interesting, if not completely original (yet), start.