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The Private Sea – Prelude

The Private SeaPreludeSometimes, less is better and sometimes, an EP is the best way to go. This is the case with The Private Sea’s debut album, Prelude. Although this is a crisp 33-minute, ten-song album, it feels jumbled and extensive—in terms of quality. The first three songs do their job in hooking you in; they’re catchy, fast-paced, all … [Read more...]

The Frail – Count On This EP

The FrailCount On This EPWith more than just a nod to The Postal Service, The Frail aspire to blend synth-based electronic dance music with bubbly, commercial-leaning electro-pop. The four tracks on the Count On This EP accomplish this with varying degrees of success, peaking with some highlights that fall just short of their target. The San … [Read more...]

The Soda Pop Kids – Teen Bop Dream

The Soda Pop KidsTeen Bop DreamIf you haven't gotten your soda pop kick today head on down to the soda shop of anachronism. In this soda shop, lyrical and musical styles and attitudes from 50's doo-wop to 70's pub rock combine in a frothy delight sure to leave you dying for another sip of that deliciously tooth decaying goodness. A pinch of punk, a … [Read more...]

Most Valuable Mono – Friend Opportunity single

Most Valuable MonoFriend Opportunity singleThis CD single, Friend Opportunity, follows from Most Valuable Mono's other "white-label" CDs and EPs. What this seems to mean is that MVM does the compositions, recordings, and pressings himself, or has the tracks released by small labels and put on compilations. And "himself" refers to Gavin Savage, the … [Read more...]

Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb

Pig DestroyerPhantom LimbI've been following Pig Destroyer since I first heard their side of a split 7" with Orchid way back in 1998. They are one of the fastest bands with an actual human drummer that I've ever heard. Over the last decade they've cranked out a number of significant albums, crucial to any fan of grindcore's blistering tempos and … [Read more...]

Adrian Orange & Her Band – Adrian Orange & Her Band

Adrian Orange & Her BandAdrian Orange & Her BandWhile no one was looking, Phil Elverum protege Adrian Orange released some damn fine music under the name Thanksgiving. His songwriting was in the same vein of Elverum's and other K Recs alums, but he wasn't quite ready to be put alongside Phil, Calvin, and Mirah just yet. Maybe the world … [Read more...]

Salim Nourallah – Snowing In My Heart

Salim NourallahSnowing In My Heart Television teen drama executives listen up. Say those poor angst high schoolers Caitlyn and Bryce are just about to do it for the first time in the back seat of Bryce’s new Mercedes and you need that certain song to set the mood. Are those Elliott Smith or Badly Drawn Boy royalties too much for you to pay? Then … [Read more...]

Terror – Rhythm Amongst the Chaos EP

TerrorRhythm Amongst the Chaos EPTerror needs little introduction. They've been the heavy hardcore champions for the past five years. This EP, Rhythm Amongst the Chaos, keeps the bar high. The title track is a blistering ode to hardcore music with lively gangs, feedback ringing for miles, and a chugging two-step. The molasses breakdown in … [Read more...]

The Twilight Sad – Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters

The Twilight SadFourteen Autumns & Fifteen WintersEmotion is something that is complex, personal and unique to each and every person. Some people wear their emotion on their sleeve; others mask it behind a façade of trepidation. It can usually be heard (by the sound, tone, inflection, volume of one’s voice) but it can’t genuinely be seen … [Read more...]

Pechblende – Collapse

PechblendeCollapsePechblende could have been your typical 3-note hardcore/punk band, but thanks to their Neurosis-like breakdowns and introductions they add just enough to turn the simple into quite nearly epic. In fact, their paltry 8 song set on Collapse is all the more stretched thanks to their interesting use of grandiose parts, like the one … [Read more...]