The Junior Varsity – Cinematographic

The Junior Varsity

Victory Records gets shit on by just about everybody and their mother, but there are a few bands on there I respect. The Junior Varsity is one of them. I was highly anticipating their follow-up to Wide Eyed, but it’s a letdown.

The first two songs are money. “I Went Blind” busts out with a post-hardcore approved drapery of heavy octaves. “The Sky” was previewed before the album hit streets: still weird and spaced out, still catchy. When the honeymoon ends, it gets ugly. “Wunderdrug” is a straight up bore until the guitars are resuscitated at two minutes in. The Starting Line frontman sings on that track and you’d honestly have no clue unless you read inside the CD. “St. Louis” is instantly unlikable because of goofy vocal patterns and lyrics. “The Greatest” has the most atrocious choruses that will make old fans cry. There is some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of “Cinematographic,” “Lungs,” and “Lifted,” but no return to the space-pop-rock excellence found on their old album.

The majority of the Cinematographic had me asking “what the hell?” I’m going to try and pretend this album never happened.