Sister Iodine – Helle

Chick drummers rule. None are quite as awesome as Cheshire Agusta of Stinking Lizaveta, but Lisa Cusack, the “girl” in duo Boy/Girl, could be Cheshire’s younger, less doom-jazz inspired sister. Cusack attacks the skins like nobody’s business and her spare, but calculated style creates a great foundation for “boy” Eric Stiner to spazz out on the guitar. Sometimes guitar and drum duos sound stale and hollow, but Boy/Girl is one of the lucky few that manage to have a really full sound.

Boy/Girl’s second EP – and second produced by a member of John Spencer Blues Explosion – is called Secret Secret Secret Singles and it features barely ten minutes of play time. When you take into account the one minute intro “Alcohol and Certain Medications” (with some sampled audio and little more) and the 30 second interlude “Kxll Kxll Kxll” there isn’t much left but three tracks. But man, do those three tracks kill!

“The Shakes” is somewhat messy and fuzzy, but it suits Stiner’s dirty caterwaul perfectly as he sings “I should have been the one to cry”. The song has a bit of a sleazy ‘bad-touch’ kind of feeling, which makes the duo’s “sexy stalker rock” label seem all the more appropriate. “Stare into the Sun” is a too-short minute and a half tune that starts of stripped-down before slowly burning its way through a back and forth of frenzied screams and lo-fi strumming. Closer “Rorshack” also has a dirty vibe, with Stiner nearly whispering “you are my secret dream, you make me want to scream, scream, scream”. Stalker rock? Yep, and you’ll love every second of it.

Many EPs suffer from “wanting more” syndrome, but this one is made even more infuriating on this front by the two non-songs. What you do get on Secret Secret Secret Singles is absolutely thrilling, though, and it will leave you not just wanting more, but begging for it.