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Lazarus – Hawk Medicine

LazarusHawk Medicine William Faulkner once said if he could be any animal it would be a vulture. A vulture answers to no one. A vulture can fly. And things die, so there will always be accessible food. Hawk Medicine captures some of that dreadful southern Gothic heat of the Faulkner world and uses it to sweat stories out of Trevor … [Read more...]

The Union Trade – Now The Swell

The Union TradeNow The SwellThere’s not much to say about The Union Trade and its latest EP Now The Swell. The group doesn't have any noticeable, deal-breaking flaws, but there isn’t anything spectacular about them either. Union Trade is post-rock in the vein of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky - with a large focus on rock instrumentation and … [Read more...]

La Brea – s/t

La Breas/tLa Brea is a Philadelphia based 10-piece instrumental group manned at the helm by J.P. Singletary. Singletary, the composer who plays guitar and other instruments, was joined in the studio by a host of local jazz and classical musicians contributing keys, horns, strings, and even a bit of didgeridoo. The eight song, self-titled disc … [Read more...]

Akimbo – Navigating the Bronze

AkimboNavigating the BronzeI never heard anything by Akimbo prior to Navigating the Bronze. The album artwork suggests that this is a stoner rock band, and trust me there are some influences there. But to say they can be easily lumped into one category would be a lie. They play with many early rock styles added to a post-hardcore sound, not to … [Read more...]

Small Arms Dealer – Patron Saint of Disappointment

Small Arms DealerPatron Saint of DisappointmentContrary to what the name might indicate to some, Small Arms Dealer does everything but disappoint with this awesome new album. The group comes out with guns blazing and shows no mercy on Patron Saint of Disappointment. The reckless, uncompromising style combines contagious melodies and meaningful … [Read more...]

R.E.M. – R.E.M. Live (2CD+DVD)

R.E.M.R.E.M. Live (2CD+DVD)If there is any braying demand for a full-fledged ‘official’ R.E.M. live album - after years of relegating such material to B-sides, compilations and concert videos/DVDs - then it probably isn’t for one culling performances from the current decade. A ragged pre-Murmur set would certainly be historically intriguing, shows … [Read more...]

The Drift – Ceiling Sky

The DriftCeiling SkyLet me clear something up before we get started: I like jazz a lot. Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker...I enjoy their music. I also enjoy newer stuff like Medeski Martin and Wood and even jazz-indie rock hybrids similar to The Drift such as the Mercury Program. Basically I'm telling you this because some of you … [Read more...]

Kristy Thirsk – Souvenir

Kristy ThirskSouvenirKristy Thirsk has a long career in the music sphere, starting out with the band Rose Chronicles in Canada, where she vocally soared and rocked out, and then collaborating with artists like Delerium on several songs (“Flowers Become Screens”, “Heaven’s Earth”, and “Enchanted”) and Justin Elswick’s Sleepthief. The trajectory of … [Read more...]

Meneguar – Strangers In Our House

MeneguarStrangers In Our HouseWhat do you need to know about Meneguar's new release Strangers In Our House? It's from Troubleman, a label that has lots of solid artists to recommend it. The CD comes with some nice packaging: art-designed covers with interesting juxtapositions of images, more whacked-out images inside, full lyrics tucked in an inner … [Read more...]

Small Wonders #8

The Saturday Nights - Rabid Wolves/System of Control 7" Self released ( The Saturday Nights are a power pop band from Chicago. Both sides of this 7", "Rabid Wolves" and "System of Control" remind me of classic stuff like Big Star or early Posies material. This is not really my cup of tea but they managed to hold my … [Read more...]