Deadstring Brothers – Silver Mountain

Deadstring Brothers
Silver Mountain

Is the Deadstring Brothers of Silver Mountain the same band from Detroit that created some great Americana on a self-titled album a few years ago? When first popping this most recent release in the player one has to wonder. First, there’s more rock and blues swagger dripping from every note. Gone is the slower, more country feel. There’s still some feel, but it’s mostly covered over by amps and louder instruments. Then there’s the fact that most of the original band have been replaced and the “Brothers” have added a sister to the mix, in the form of singer and percussionist Masha Marjieh. It’s not a bad thing, just different – and a shock to those of us who remember the Deadstring Brothers’ first release.

Silver Mountain opens up with a handful of rocking, bluesy numbers that bring to mind Exile on Main Street era Stones. Songs like “Ain’t No Hidin’ Love”, “Heavy Load”, and “If You Want Me To” have some twang, but rely more on whiskey soaked vocals and foot-stomping rock n’ roll. Masha’s throaty vocals are reminiscent of Tina Turner and her soulful crooning fits perfectly with the upbeat strut of this collection.

The title track is a slower affair that harkens back to the band’s first album. It’s still very Rolling Stones-esque, but the Deadstring Brothers infuse more country elements here. This song boasts some beautiful vocal work by Masha, which blends perfectly with last-standing original member Kurt Marschke’s crooning. “Some Kind of User” starts off as a smoldering number before building up into a sweaty bar tune perfect for late nights. “You Look Like the Devil” has a bit of a honky-tonk feel, while “Rollin’ Blues” is perhaps the most traditional of the bunch. The harmonica on this track is perfect and it really ramps up the overall feel of the tune.

The Deadstring Brothers’ Silver Mountain certainly wasn’t the affair one might have expected, but as far as channeling the Rolling Stones goes, this band of brothers (and one sister) has the act down pat. It’s a fun release meant for drinking and good times in general. If you need a little extra swagger in your step, the Deadstring Brothers mean to provide it.