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Band of Horses – Cease To Begin

Band of HorsesCease To BeginFormed from the ashes of Carissa's Wierd by Ben Bridwell and Mat Brooke, Seattle's Band Of Horses put out one of 2006's most precious indie-rock records, Everything All The Time. They managed to carve a niche and make a name for themselves with a distinctive blend of radiant and anthemic indie-rock, frothing with jangly … [Read more...]

Sister Iodine – Helle

Sister IodineHelleChick drummers rule. None are quite as awesome as Cheshire Agusta of Stinking Lizaveta, but Lisa Cusack, the “girl” in duo Boy/Girl, could be Cheshire’s younger, less doom-jazz inspired sister. Cusack attacks the skins like nobody’s business and her spare, but calculated style creates a great foundation for “boy” Eric Stiner to … [Read more...]

Grampall Jookabox – Scientific Cricket

Grampall JookaboxScientific CricketSome might consider Grampall Jookabox a freak-folk group but I am not too keen on that. When I hear “freak-folk” I think serious, long-bearded neo-hippies and when I hear the music of Grampall Jookabox I picture an old miner drinkin’ ‘shine and playin’ the spoons, laughing and having a good time. I love Joanna … [Read more...]

The Cinematics – Break EP

The CinematicsBreak EPThe deluge of atmospheric synth and guitar-based bands continues with The Cinematics, a Scottish band that embraces its inner indie-pop with angular guitars and glossy, verse-chorus-verse sing-a-longs that lean more towards The Killers than The Cure. Most of the songs seem to fit in a sonically lacquered and tidily packaged … [Read more...]

Gallon Drunk – The Rotten Mile

Gallon DrunkThe Rotten MileIf the recent reissues of Gallon Drunk’s first three incendiary albums only taught us one thing, then it was the cruel reality that James Johnston has allowed his gathering of mercurial sonic mercenaries to coast along for the best part of a decade under the long-imposing shadow of the group’s early years. Johnston has … [Read more...]

Iretsu – The Moon and Stars Remain in the Morning Sky

IretsuThe Moon and Stars Remain in the Morning SkyIretsu is a foursome out of Portland, Oregon, and the group's seemingly limitless creativity shows at every turn on this sparkling new album, The Moon and Stars Remain in the Morning Sky. These multi-instrumentalists take risks and 'experimental' doesn't seem to accurately describe the diversity … [Read more...]

Vetiver – Columbia – Merriweather Post Pavillion, Maryland – 2007-10-22

VetiverWhere: Columbia - Merriweather Post Pavillion, Maryland.When: 2007-10-22It seemed a bit of a stretch to think The Shins could fill at outdoor pavilion the size of Merriweather Post, stuck in the affluent suburbs between Baltimore and DC. On their last jaunt through the area as Wincing The Night Away was just released, having debuted in the … [Read more...]

Linda Draper – Keepsake

Linda DraperKeepsakeJust a few seconds into her fifth studio album, Keepsake, it’s obvious that Linda Draper has the talent to compose clever, rhyming folk pop and the instrumental skills to support her poignant lyrics. Yet, what elevates Draper’s music above some of her contemporaries’ pleasant, if undistinguished, folk balladry is her exquisite … [Read more...]

Sennen – Automatic Writing EP

SennenAutomatic Writing EPSennen is an instrumental group from the Netherlands with two three-song EPs to its credit. The band features a standard bass, guitar, drums, second guitar lineup, but the foursome also melds the trumpet and some synth into their sound. While the cover art of Sennen’s second release, Automatic Writing might make you think … [Read more...]

David Karsten Daniels – Sharp Teeth

David Karsten DanielsSharp TeethIt's 3 a.m. and I'm sitting in front of my computer struggling with how to start this review. The main reason that I'm struggling is research. You see, I do research every time I get a new record just to acclimate myself with previous material. The problem with acclimating myself to David Karsten Daniels' … [Read more...]