The Tralala – Is That The TRALALA

The Tralala

Is this The Tralala? Well, it’s four cute girls with rock and roll Pink Ladies-meet-‘Leader of the Pack’ attitudes all singing lead over a sickly tight all male guitar-bass-drum combo that rips out abrasive riffs and rhythms. Some call it The Tralala, but a better term would be unfailingly awesome in every way imaginable.

The ladies and gentlemen of The Tralala put the concepts of rocking hard and wagging ass ahead of all other things over this set, and the end result is a fun album with no filler that stands up to hours of repeated listening. Is That The Tralala is, quite literally, a dance party in a disc with no other assembly required.

Yeah, there’s poppy stuff for dancing, as “Boys of St. Mary,” “Mystery” and “Are You Gonna Dance (With Me)?” are marvelously cutesy two-minute ditties with the girls fretting harmlessly over the opposite sex. However, full-out heavy rockers “Dark Things,” “Blow-Off,” “Take Me As I Am” and “We’re Coming Out” are still great for dancing, albeit in a far more violent, sweaty, pogo-and-gyration sort of way.

While everything here is killer, a handful of tracks do manage to stand out. “Yellow Taxi” is a hilariously upbeat diatribe about the woes of maneuvering public transportation in a drunken, post-closing time environment. “One Hard Turn Deserves Another” is a meaty, ballsy rock throb with a fantastic bassline, cutting vocals and an intense guitar solo. The fabulously droning “Secret Weapon” sounds like Angus Young jutting atop the keyboards from The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” to fantastic effect.

There is nothing unkind to be said about Is That The Tralala. The band’s tight, the girls belt it out, and every beat is a toe-tapping, head-bobbing hip-shaker. This disc is fun because The Tralala’s enjoyment shines through – recommended to the highest degree.