The Fire The Flood – Truth Seekers

The Fire The Flood
Truth Seekers

Bruising, battering, crushing – all apply here. Innovative, original – these don’t. The Fire The Flood play hardcore metal like Biohazard balled up in Pantera and studded with a few modern frills. Although the riffs are recycled, the intensity is fresh.

Given the familiarity of the music, the fact that these songs are short is a real blessing because there is no time to get bored with Truth Seekers. The Fire The Flood tunnel and tear through 13 tracks in less than thirty minutes, 8 minutes of that filler. Songs average 1:00 to 2:00 minutes.

Truth Seekers floats some Christian angles to no distraction. All vocals are roared unapologetically, the rhythms are tight and the guitar crisp.

Track by track, Truth Seekers doesn’t need much analysis. Track 1 “…And it Grows Like Weeds” is simply the band doing what it does: busting out throwback riffs with newborn aggression. “Turmoil at the Gates of Heaven” plays up riff changes. “The Wolf Inside of Me” is mediocre, but next is “Therapy”, which opens with scraping strings and dives into hardcore metal with plenty of changes. “The Harvester” is even better, sporting a coalesce vibe. “Join the Rat Race” isn’t special, and neither is “A Downfall of Western Culture”; the anger is there, but the riffs and grooves don’t make you get up and move. But soon all is forgiven because “The Trees Eat Themselves” is the best track, exploding with variety and momentous grooves. This song is just played mad, like it’s one of the band’s favorites. “Combines” underscores a cool riff and good rhythm. “Worlds End” presents good grooves but “Jagare” and “Mudswampers” are mediocre. Unfortunately “The Blizzard” is ruined by 8 minutes of filler but sneaks in a decent cover of Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings” at the end.

The Fire The Flood’s influences are unmistakable, but Truth Seekers sounds modern and angry enough to appease most hardcore fans. Check them out unless you like your hardcore progressive or you’re a staunch anti-Christian.