Signal to Trust – Golden Armour

Signal to Trust
Golden Armour

When a record fails to stick in your mind for very long, to the used bin it goes. I’ve kept records I’ve hated and grown to love, records I’ve loved and grown to hate, and every arrangement of those words in between. But meh records simply collect dust. Signal to Trust’s Golden Armour is about as close as you can get to meh, without quite tumbling into the vapid void.

Some tracks do attract. Standout “Now the Mouse is Freezing” features a cutting guitar careening into space, an ugly slice of notes alternating between taking and giving punches to the face. After that, a few random riffs jump out and flick at your ears for a moment or two, but the rest give the listener nothing special to grasp. The band isn’t bored, thank god, and Golden Armour features many different guitar parts and sounds. Vocalist Brian Severns comes off like an earnest Eddie Argos; I can’t tell if he’s a UK transplant, sings in a faux British accent, or he just naturally sounds British.

The lyrics explore worlds both imaginary and real simultaneously, as Severns sings of Crazinas, wars, and the cosmos. The most memorable line, “So take Trucker’s Speed and watch the TV,” repeats on disc and in the mind, and leaves you racing to a gas station for caffeine pills and Red Bull. The fact that something does stick is nice, and listening to Golden Armour isn’t quite a trip to the dentist. It’s more like dating Sarah plain and tall and realizing she gives decent hand jobs. It’s worth a few tries, but time begins to drag and callous with this average album.