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Small Wonders #7

Herbert Stanley Littlejohn - 17th and 18th Century Works of Funerary Violin CD-R The Guild of Funerary Violinists ( Sometimes you get lucky. I stumbled upon this release on the Aquarius Records website and I feel it is my absolute duty to inform you that it is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever … [Read more...]

Akron/Family – Love Is Simple

Akron/FamilyLove Is SimpleIf there is one thing Akron/Family are not, it is simple. They are a deceptively talented quartet; expert folk songwriters, but also comfortable in styles ranging from classic rock to 60's pop, from metal to bluegrass. Their work in the Angels of Light has rightly born them out to be a band of superior musicianship: on … [Read more...]

Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero

Nine Inch NailsYear ZeroAfter the heavy-handed, unmelodic With Teeth, Trent Reznor returns to form on Year Zero, his concept album about the coming end of the world. Now older, wiser, and weary of raging against the machine, Trent plays the omniscient spectator and also takes on various points of view, peering at our cycle of self-destruction … [Read more...]

PJ Harvey – White Chalk

PJ HarveyWhite ChalkIn theory, you certainly can’t fault Polly Jean Harvey’s ambitious intention to regenerate/reinvent her artistic persona for almost every album in her 15 or so year career. However, this insistent urge for chameleon-like changes has had its drawbacks. Thus, the diverse charms of her 1992 debut Dry were trampled-on by 1993’s … [Read more...]

Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth and Collected Works

Young Marble GiantsColossal Youth and Collected WorksSurely I can’t be the only one that repeatedly gets the Young Marble Giants confused with the Young Fresh Fellows. Both are 3 words long, starting with “young” of course, and both are routinely name checked as influences in the college rock scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Then my mind … [Read more...]

How To Loot Brazil – Autto Fister

How To Loot BrazilAutto FisterTagged as being built on "subversive disco strategies," How To Loot Brazil's 9-song CD makes for some interesting listening. This isn't disco and it isn't dance music - it's too hyper for that. But it's not exactly punk or spazzcore, either, though it does touch on those styles. It's at once familiar and unusual. … [Read more...]

The Cape May – Glass Mountain Roads

The Cape MayGlass Mountain RoadsSince the release of their debut LP, Central City May Rise Again, in 2004, The Cape May have traveled in good company: playing shows with Grizzly Bear, Songs: Ohia, and the Constantines, and eventually touring the U.S. and Europe as Nina Nastasia's backing band. In many ways, those artists are apt reference points to … [Read more...]

Harrisons – No Fighting In The War Room

HarrisonsNo Fighting In The War RoomNormally, I hate cutesy references to pop culture in music, or any artistic medium, really. Most of the time, they smack of a lack of creativity, and are a desperate grab at nostalgic thirtysomethings who wish they were still cool and dweeby twentysomethings who wear vintage tour shirts for bands that broke up … [Read more...]

Library Tapes – Höstluft

Library TapesHöstluftTagging an album with the genre "ambient" can sometimes be a death knell. Even though there are a number of artists that have achieved excellent results through careful construction of sound worlds and minimal instrumentation, there are far more that make music dull enough to induce sleep. Thankfully Library Tapes' David … [Read more...]

Fior Fiero – The Satellite EP

Fior FieroThe Satellite EPI can’t stress enough how refreshing it is when a band is willing to embrace a genre and make it into something all their own and making an exciting listen. Sure the four tracks on Fior Fiero’s The Satellite EP have a combination of elements from electronic pop and jazzy rock, but here it's used to a subtle yet profound … [Read more...]