How To Loot Brazil – Autto Fister

How To Loot Brazil
Autto Fister

Tagged as being built on “subversive disco strategies,” How To Loot Brazil’s 9-song CD makes for some interesting listening. This isn’t disco and it isn’t dance music – it’s too hyper for that. But it’s not exactly punk or spazzcore, either, though it does touch on those styles. It’s at once familiar and unusual.

The songs throw together tropes from many of the major movements we’ve seen come and go over the past few decades. Punk? Check. New wave? Check. Electronica, dance music? Check. Autto Fister doesn’t flit from genre to genre, though. It put them all into each song.

If you were to read the song titles, you’d think that the band had some anger-management problems. What other conclusion would you draw from “Backwater Prick,” “Fukk Religion,” “Drone,” and “Idiot”? I’m not sure what exactly the title track “Autto Fister” means, but we could probably put that on the list as well. But “Backwater Prick” has a Faint-like synth line on top of its beatbox rhythm and choppy guitar work. And the chorus is downright catchy: “One thing is for sure / I will never be like you” might have been a fist-pumping call to arms but here it’s sung as a Death Cab refrain. And “Fukk Religion” isn’t the screed you’re expecting. It asks us to picture a more perfect world by asking us to “Imagine we were all / Undenominational.” The music is pretty much Buzzcock guitar, bass, and drums, at least until the chorus adds in some electronica.

“Autto Fister” honestly sounds like Microdisney with a shot of adrenaline. Tinged with sadness during the verses, injected with a dance beat and synth line in the bridges, moving to a punk chorus (musically) with restrained but emotive singing, this one reads like it’s all over the map. But to hear it is to witness how the band continually puts its disparate influences together into a coherent whole.

Elsewhere, “Varnoff 1951” is pretty much straight new wave and “Mothra Eclectic” comes off like a tamer Mindless Self Indulgence. “Drone” throws in some cool gated drums during a few-second-long breakdown but other than that it’s a C86-sounding cut. Autto Fister can satisfy many of your stylistic yens without any jarring transitions as it goes from one musical mechanism to the next. This German band may be on to something.