Fior Fiero – The Satellite EP

Fior Fiero
The Satellite EP

I can’t stress enough how refreshing it is when a band is willing to embrace a genre and make it into something all their own and making an exciting listen. Sure the four tracks on Fior Fiero’s The Satellite EP have a combination of elements from electronic pop and jazzy rock, but here it’s used to a subtle yet profound effect, elevating their credibility as a talented indie band. If this EP is any indication, it was somewhat of a blessing that a band like Dark Side of the Cop bred such fine talent as guitarist Marco Panella and keyboardist Roger Thomasson.

First, there’s “Satellite”, the charming little nod to the sounds of the most experimental of 80’s songs, cleverly disguised as a typical indie tune from the pluck of the first note. It ends is a plethora of organized chaos, still underscored by numb yet refined vocal delivery. What follows is the jazzy “Shadowboxer”. The key to this song is the atmosphere and overall bleak arrangement of seemingly random notes. This would fit perfectly on the soundtrack of a David Lynch film, or even a dark neo-noir.

“Butterscotch” is the most upbeat of the songs. It’s still drowned in bleakness, yet lifted just enough by the upbeat tempos to produce a stellar rock song. I knew I was going to love “So Close” from the opening synth sounds. This song is defined by its subtle time changes and simple instrumental flourishes throughout. Though instrumental, it is never boring thanks to its constant movement and sense of urgency.

Let’s face it; as dark as these songs appear to be, this four song EP is a fun listen. The only problem I found with this sample of greatness is that it ends after 4 songs. Needless to say, I’ll be looking forward to a full length album from these guys when it comes.