Bully in the Hallway – Chicago – House of Blues, Illinois – 2007-08-25

Bully in the Hallway
Where: Chicago – House of Blues, Illinois.

When: 2007-08-25

For fans of bands like Fugazi, Fifteen, Avail and The Ghost, Bully in the Hallway is a great new addition the Chicago punk rock scene. With these bands as their influences, Bully in the Hallway combines great lyrics, fierce riffs, and an uncontainable stage presence that rocked the House of Blues in Chicago on August 25th. This surreal show drew a huge, boisterous crowd, and Bully in the Hallway is a band that deserves some recognition.

They kicked off the set with “Stickin’ To Our Guns”, and then went on to play tunes like “Chicago” and many more, all of which could be immediate hits. Guitarist Billy Kenefick and drummer Matt Jannotta played with a contagious, insuppressible energy. Lead singer Matt Simon received a big hand for his performance, as did bassist Aron Levinsky. Most impressive was their solid fan base, who showed up in droves to support them. Bully in the Hallway has great potential, following in the footsteps of Chicago greats like The Lawrence Arms. Bully in the Hallway could soon join the ranks as one of the best punk rock bands in Chicago.