Botox Party – Bring In the Suck EP

Botox Party
Bring In the Suck EP

A couple reviews back, I wrote about an album recently released by one of the new wave of pop-punk bands that has incorporated every emo cliche into the genre and subsequently sucking the heart out of everything I once loved about it. Not that I don’t occasionally enjoy some of this music, it just doesn’t live up to the good ol’ days of fast and fun pop-punk with heart and energy. Then, I finally decided to listen to a band called Botox Party. A name like this could have been a turn-off, but these three snot nosed cats play some pretty infectious and aggressive pop-punk with elements of street punk and hardcore thrown in for good measure.

Bring In the Suck starts off with something I haven’t heard in ages: the not-much-longer than 30 second hardcore song. “New Years” though fun and furious, ends all too short, but its still a nice touch. Then comes the Jawbreaker-esque “Problematic Emotions”. This could have been a fairly straightforward track, yet I felt an appreciation when the time would change for short bursts of raw energy during the chorus. “Elitist Social Class” is the typical anthem dedicated to the punk rock lifestyle. Here there are a lot of dueling vocals and the song breezes by at lightning speed.

Clocking it at no more than 1:50, “Stealing Childhood”, though sounding like a lighthearted tune, is an indictment on public schools. Again a song that ends too quick leaving many good ideas on the table. “The Best of Times” is probably my favorite track thanks to the heartfelt lyrics about memories, friends, family and basically days gone by. Towards the end there is a cool little breakdown featuring some classic pop-punk guitar playing. Its simple yet effective. The last song “Work and Suffer” is definitely their most Anti-Flag inspired and the similarity in vocals to the vocals of Chris #2 only adds to this.

For the most part Botox Party possesses more heart than a lot of pop-punk artist slowly being picked up by major labels and losing what once made them great (H2O). The only problem with this EP is the way the songs end, most just fade out on what could possibly be their most opportune moments. Nonetheless, these guys were a refreshing listen and I’ll be looking forward to a major release.