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Wooden Wand – James & the Quiet

Wooden WandJames & the QuietUpon reading up on James Toth's latest release, James & the Quiet, I found out that his goal for his last release under the Wooden Wand moniker was to make a record that is "un-weird." I suppose this was a valiant idea, but Toth has been known for mixing psychedelica with his folk up to this point, and usually when … [Read more...]

Botox Party – Bring In the Suck EP

Botox PartyBring In the Suck EPA couple reviews back, I wrote about an album recently released by one of the new wave of pop-punk bands that has incorporated every emo cliche into the genre and subsequently sucking the heart out of everything I once loved about it. Not that I don’t occasionally enjoy some of this music, it just doesn’t live up to … [Read more...]

Jens Lekman – Night Falls Over Kortedala

Jens LekmanNight Falls Over KortedalaWhen the young folks find gangster rap, Sweden, too, is a dangerous place. Jen Lekman would have us believe that back in the day Hammer Hill, the Gothenburg suburb he grew up in, changed when friends got a hold of NWA and Snoop Dogg albums. It’s tough to tell whether or not he’s joking about his childhood … [Read more...]

Bob Parins and True Love Always – The Kissing Rocks

Bob Parins and True Love AlwaysThe Kissing RocksNormally, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. You know, that sweet super-catchy pop rock. But due to the demise of my marriage my heart is darker and I'm no longer a pushover for someone whose harmonies resemble McCartney's or Wilson's. Bob Parins, along with his backing band True Love Always, have … [Read more...]

Matt McCormick – Very Stereo

Matt McCormickVery StereoVery Stereo is the musical debut of experimental filmmaker Matt McCormick. He uses computer programs along with other instruments and found sounds to create minimalist electronic soundtracks that probably fit well with experimental short films but will try most listener's patience without the visual aids to help occupy … [Read more...]

Year of No Light – Nord

Year of No LightNordIn France, Nord is the most populous and furthest North part of the country. Since Year of No Light is a French band, one can assume that the title of this record refers to that "département" as administrative units of the country are known. Who would have guessed that France could produce such a brutal group, but then … [Read more...]

The Mishaps – "Rock and Roll" b/w "Woke the Devil Up" 7"

The Mishaps"Rock and Roll" b/w "Woke the Devil Up" 7"For a band that’s laid down barely four-and-a-half minutes of tuneage on this slab of vinyl, The Mishaps sure have packed a lot of influence into each second. The 60’s styled keyboard work adds a few flourishes, but The Mishaps keep things lean and mean. Musically, … [Read more...]

The Ergs – Upstairs/Downstairs

The ErgsUpstairs/DownstairsUpstairs/Downstairs is a well-crafted, high-spirited new record with a sound reminiscent of the Get Up Kids. After forming in 2000, the success of their 2005 album dorkrockcorkrod and some record label changes, The Ergs signed to Dirtnap Records in 2006. This New Jersey trio’s full-length album makes up for what it lacks … [Read more...]

Signal to Trust – Golden Armour

Signal to TrustGolden ArmourWhen a record fails to stick in your mind for very long, to the used bin it goes. I’ve kept records I’ve hated and grown to love, records I’ve loved and grown to hate, and every arrangement of those words in between. But meh records simply collect dust. Signal to Trust’s Golden Armour is about as close as you can get to … [Read more...]

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass

Aesop RockNone Shall PassWhen 2007 is in the books no one will remember the feud between 50 Cent and Kanye West and what’s left of anything labeled “crunk” will have fizzled out. The true victors will be Dizzee Rascal, Pharoahe Monch, and Aesop Rock. Aes continues to release album after impressive album of claustrophobic beats and his spitfire flow … [Read more...]