The Tuss – Rushup Edge

The Tuss
Rushup Edge

I would absolutely hate to give credit to the wrong person for something they didn’t create. I personally welcome an email from “Karen Tregaskin” refuting my claim (along with the claims of many many others) that she/he is not, in fact, actually Richard D. James of Aphex Twin. The context clues have been provided, just try Googling The Tuss and see if it doesn’t bring up a few other reviews of this record that point out the glaring signposts to Aphex Twin. The music on Rushup Edge definitely sounds like something that James could have easily concocted, which is not to say that it isn’t quality material. If anything, what we get from The Tuss is some great techno of the kind James and others like Amon Tobin and Squarepusher have perfected in the past.

Rushup Edge starts off with several themes that run concurrent to one another. A heavy beat is accentuated by a repetitive funk bassline and digital blips. Repetition is the key here, as these themes run headlong into one another all vying for time in the spotlight before the track sputters to a close. The next few tracks repeat this formula to varying lengths of time and degrees of successfulness. Therein lies the only problem I could find with Rushup Edge. If you’ve heard any Aphex stuff at all aside from the ambient records, this material is likely to sound like more of the same. Not a bad thing if you happen to be jonesing for some James. Personally if I was going to listen to something like this I’d either go for The Richard D. James Album or Christopher Clark’s excellent 2006 album Body Riddle. Both of which offer up the same kind of material but with more variation.