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Kill Your Idols – Something Started Here

Kill Your IdolsSomething Started HereIn 1995 Kill Your Idols seized the NYHC sound enforced by 1980’s bands like Black Flag and Negative Approach. Lifeline Records' new release Something Started Here chronicles these Long Island punks' 12 year career. All 38 tracks, rich with rarities and B-sides, demonstrate the band’s unfailing allegiance to its … [Read more...]

Or, the Whale – Light Poles and Pines

Or, the WhaleLight Poles and PinesStraight from their ten-gallon hearts, San Francisco's Or, the Whale have set themselves apart from typical indie folk/country with their first release, Light Poles and Pines. Simple, old-timey song structures with modern tones and feels reflect an age of dry, sweltering sunlight and of basking on a bale of hay … [Read more...]

La Jr – Dos Casas

La JrDos CasasAs this is being written a late summer thunderstorm rages outside, which feels like an appropriate backdrop for Dos Casas the latest album from La Jr. Images of a 50’s crime noir film have unrolled since first setting ears on this album and the way the thunder outside seemingly waits for the quieter moments in the songs is frankly a … [Read more...]

The Black Swans – Change!

The Black SwansChange!I find it very difficult to believe that Black Swans singer Jerry DeCicca's speaking voice sounds anything like his singing voice. His husky voice coupled with his Dylan-esque delivery almost sounds like a parody. It distracts upon the initial listen and really may even deter you from ever giving Black Swans a chance. If … [Read more...]

Between the Wars – Death and the Sea

Between the WarsDeath and the SeaA hardcore band with the original Thursday guitarist and singer of Ensign. At this point I was thinking this was going to be a positive review. There are a few things (besides the songs) preventing this. The liner notes claim this CD was engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered. Death and the Sea sounds like a … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Guilt By Association

Various ArtistsGuilt By AssociationContrary to narrow-minded opinion, indier-than-thou types can be just as susceptible to the hidden-charms of middle-of-the-road songwriters as they are to the work of the reputable rock demi-gods. Rarely though, do such people openly admit to liking such guilty daytime radio or MTV-friendly pleasures, let alone … [Read more...]

The Receiving End of Sirens – The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi

The Receiving End of SirensThe Earth Sings Mi Fa MiBetween the Heart and the Synapse, the debut full-length from Boston based quintet The Receiving End of Sirens, was in heavy rotation when I first heard it. They are one of many bands these days that experiment with electronics coupled with a post-hardcore delivery. They are also one of the very … [Read more...]

Morrissey – Ringleader Of The Tormentors

MorrisseyRingleader Of The TormentorsThings I learned from Morrissey’s latest album... ...that there's a typo in the album title - it should be Ringleader Of The 'Tormented', no, or has he gone to the other side? ...that Johnny Marr and his guitar (from The Smiths) are sorely missed, as always. ...that the boys' choir harmonizes so … [Read more...]

The Black Dog – Book Of Dogma

The Black DogBook Of DogmaThe trio of Ken Downie, Ed Handley and Andy Turner formed The Black Dog in 1989 and did not actually emerge from the UK techno scene, but rather defined it. This double CD release is a collection of digitally re-mastered classics and rarities, some long out of print, by these forefathers of techno. The music heard on … [Read more...]

The Stolen Records – Basement Songs

The Stolen RecordsBasement SongsThe messages in Ska music during my heady days of elementary school - in the wisdom of Reel Big Fish - seemed to present a way of living that was pretty righteous: don’t sell out and when you are out of the school band play your instrument sinfully loud, like you’re not supposed to. My friend’s sister, who was … [Read more...]