Child Bite – Gold Thriller

Child Bite
Gold Thriller

Although Child Bite might describe its music as “dance-punk,” the cuts on Gold Thriller share more in common with acts like The Stnnng and Ten Grand than that phrase would lead you to believe. This isn’t much like The Faint, after all, or !!! – bands that have appropriated that tag. Child Bite actually rocks more than it shimmies.

Right from the start you can tell that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously even if they do take their sound seriously. “I Like Friends” has a title that pretty much sums up the lyrical content, while the music falls somewhere between Les Savy Fav and The Stnnng, two bands whose wry wit belies their rock/punkish aesthetic. “Borrow clothes, help you move / Loan you money, watch your dogs” represent the sentiment of the song.

If you look hard for a dance influence, you might turn one up on the cryptic “Gudavia.” Its 8-bit video game keyboards eventually get overtaken by the rock guitars and dramatic pauses, but at least it starts out resembling something disco. But this track is the exception. “Ape Along” fairly pummels by comparison, and its on this track that the singing perhaps most perfectly recalls that of Matt Davis from Ten Grand. It’s almost unsettling how close the resemblance is. On “The Muscle Chalet,” Child Bites sounds like a punk version of The Eternals, with its absurdist lyrics and unusual melodic sense.

Across these tracks you do detect a certain no-wave influence. Sometimes its an atonal guitar riff or a jerky rhythm. In that sense, too, there’s a certain dance-like quality to the music, insofar as people did dance to this kind of thing.

The other cuts on Gold Thriller also pack a punch. Although featuring only six actual songs (plus one interlude), the band has shown that it can fit right in with some of the leading post-punk acts of the past few years. Yeah, there’s some humor but this isn’t a simple joke band. Add to that recommendation that the disc’s packaging is artful (inlaid cardboard, complete with pocket for liner notes) and you have a winner of a release.