65daysofstatic – The Destruction of Small Ideas

The Destruction of Small Ideas

65daysofstatic has been earning critical praise since 2004, and their new album, The Destruction of Small Ideas, is already considered their best effort yet. While few would argue that this album is a highly progressive and original achievement, its greatness may be overstated.

65daysofstatic deftly fuse industrial and instrumental post-rock. The Destruction of Small Ideas is an exercise in orchestrated dynamicism that incorporates more violin and piano keys into the band’s already patented sound. To some ears, this particular combination of rock guitar and classical instrumentation will lend a Trans-Siberian Orchestra vibe to the album, and the music’s symphonic feel may turn off some listeners.

As mini-epics, these instrumental tracks are cinematic, but action movie soundtracks don’t have a long shelf life. Coincidentally, 65daysofstatic is rumored to have originally assembled to compose the soundtrack for an unrealized John Carpenter film of the same name. The band is an English four-piece aided by sampling. They are adept musicians with keen ears, and with The Destruction of Small Ideas they have released an album full of music that will impress listeners, even if it fails to seduce them into repeated listens.

The 12 tracks vary from 3:30 to 7 minutes in length, the best of which include numbers 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10. So the album starts with some of the lesser material even though track 1, “When We Were Younger and Better”, features an engaging piano figure halfway through with developing guitar swells. Next, “A Failsafe”, bears first hint of the goofy Trans-Siberian Orchestra flavor. And “Don’t Go Down to Sorrow” seems to spring straight out of a fight scene in The Matrix.

But here the album gets better. Track 4, “Wax Futures”, is a turbulent, momentum feeding cacophony. Then, “These Things You Can’t Unlearn” gets even better, generating a steely hardcore sound that begs a right turn on the volume knob – this track is one of the highlights. “Lyonesse”, however, comes and goes unnoticed. But “Music is Music as Devices Are Kisses Is Everything” brings the disc’s other highlight, breaking into an electronic and traditional key ensemble that allows for a fascinating percussive sonic display.

65daysofstatic again hits rough Trans-Siberian waters with “The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties”, but make up for it with “Little Victories”, a refreshingly upward facing track starring great guitar dynamics. “Primer” starts with good intentions, but eventually suffers from over instrumentation. The swirling and swelling guitars on “White Peak / Dark Peak” feel stale, mechanical. To end the album “The Conspiracy of Seeds” ends things on a strong note.

The Destruction of Small Ideas is a rich and inventive amalgamation of genres, carefully crafted and full of bells and whistles. It’s good for a listen, especially for progressive hardcore, industrial and post-rock fans.