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The Lonely H – Hair

The Lonely HHairStraight out of the Seattle neo-rock scene comes The Lonely H; a group of newly graduated high-school seniors with the same sound/influences as Wolfmother. Combining the epicness of Led Zeppelin with the dramatics of Fall Out Boy, The Lonely H create a sound which is very hit and miss; either rocking you to the end of midnight or … [Read more...]

Via Audio – saysomethingsaysomethingsaysomething

Via AudiosaysomethingsaysomethingsaysomethingWhen Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie is raving about you, you know you’re doing something right, but you’re not off the hook yet. Via Audio’s saysomethingsaysomethingsaysomething is a fun album, full of cute rhythms and bouncy melodies, but it’s lacking some intangibles that are the difference between … [Read more...]

Ryan Anderson – The Garden Path

Ryan AndersonThe Garden PathRyan Anderson is bad. The kind of bad that makes you re-evaluate your love of music. He can't really sing all that well, his songwriting is needlessly complicated and his lyrics are TERRIBLE. However, with that being said, there's something endearing about this guy I can't quite put my finger on. Anderson might be … [Read more...]

Darkest Hour – Deliver Us

Darkest HourDeliver UsSince the release of the first single “Demons”, I have been eagerly anticipating Deliver Us. Hell, since their last release Undoing Ruin I’ve been waiting to see how they were going to top themselves. With “Demons” they peaked in their melodic sensibilities, and though I was worried that they had softened out, Darkest Hour … [Read more...]

Thurston – Trees Outside The Academy

ThurstonTrees Outside The AcademyFor all of Sonic Youth’s acclaimed and misunderstood experimentation, it’s rare - especially on the band’s regular studio albums - to find the foursome stretching themselves instrumentally beyond an amplified guitars/bass/drums configuration. Even with the temporary input of the ambidextrous Jim O’Rourke, Thurston … [Read more...]

Thursday – A City By The Light Divided

ThursdayA City By The Light DividedA City By The Light Divided is the fourth full-length by post-hardcore band Thursday and it is an ambitious and complex work - a musical and emotional exploration that comes on strong with a sometimes overpowering mix of sonic textures and relentlessly pressing rhythm. Its sheer force and loudness (the massive, … [Read more...]

Mus – La Vida

MusLa VidaOn what is possibly their last album, Mus, the Spanish duo of singer Monica Vacas and composer Fran Gayo, have opted for a brighter, dreamier sound. The plaintive melodies, hazy arrangements and syrupy sweet vocals resemble the reflective, textured indie-rock of Mazzy Star but with a more old-world folk influence. La Vida is filled … [Read more...]

Child Bite – Gold Thriller

Child BiteGold ThrillerAlthough Child Bite might describe its music as "dance-punk," the cuts on Gold Thriller share more in common with acts like The Stnnng and Ten Grand than that phrase would lead you to believe. This isn't much like The Faint, after all, or !!! - bands that have appropriated that tag. Child Bite actually rocks more than it … [Read more...]

Vulture Whale – s/t

Vulture Whales/tFrom Birmingham, Alabama comes Vulture Whale, a quartet of experienced musicians who mix contemporary punk rock with more classic, southern roots. The easy-going guitars and intelligent, personal lyrics on this self-titled debut make Vulture Whale an exciting band to watch out for. The album starts slowly with “Baby In The … [Read more...]

Parts and Labor – Mapmaker

Parts and LaborMapmakerThere exists no fine line between classic punk and noise. Though both share basic characteristics - abrasiveness, a ‘fuck you’ attitude, and a willingness to challenge the audience with extreme sonics (doesn’t all good music?) - both vary widely in execution. Punk, though sometimes sloppy, marches, as instruments lock … [Read more...]