The Dead Rocks – Center of the Universe

The Dead Rocks
Center of the Universe

Call me ignorant, but I had no idea that surf rock was popular in such far-from-the-US places like Brazil. When I came across the Dead Rocks I thought, surely, this trio must be the only one in Brazil playing this style of music. The group went right ahead and proved me wrong by listing no less than 23 other Brazilian surf rock bands! Who knew?

Dead Rocks is an instrumental threesome: Johnny Crash (guitar), Marky Wildstone (drums) and Paul Punk (bass). Though the names are a bit silly, these three guys sure know surf rock. They have released a few 7” records, toured Europe, and are currently recording a full-length release.

The trio channels the likes of Dick Dale straight through their fingers and right out some nice, vintage sounding amps. “Center of the Universe” is just one of many enjoyable Dead Rocks tunes freely available. Aficionados of surf rock will find plenty of solid, rollicking licks to sink their teeth into here – and it is all about the guitar, after all, when it comes to this style. Dead Rocks has the right mix of flair and energy to keep the track interesting, despite the fact that it is completely instrumental.

Other Dead Rocks songs like “Dead Can Surf” and “Kalamanawa” are just as pleasant, but these slower numbers just can’t move me like the upbeat waves of a fast paced surf rock tune. “Center of the Universe” is a great accompaniment for a long drive on a hot summer night or as the soundtrack for your next tiki party.