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The Assistants – The Assistants

The AssistantsThe AssistantsWelcome to the mid 80's! Springsteen and hair metal rule the charts. The Celtics and Lakers are duking it out in the NBA. And in the UK, and new kind of alternative rock and roll is springing up. Moving away from the synthesizers and new romantic movement, and incorporating guitars and chugging rhythms, bands like the … [Read more...]

Superchunk – Misfits and Mistakes 7"

SuperchunkMisfits and Mistakes 7"As the self professed Superchunk nut at DOA it is a great joy the North Carolina group has released a new single. Years ago the release of a single from one of the originators of what we know as indie rock was less the momentous event it is now. This is a band that in their 17 year career has released 3 singles … [Read more...]

Datarock – Datarock

DatarockDatarockDatarock brandishes an undeniable novelty factor thanks to its humorous lyrics and some slap happy sonics. So listeners will experience a sugar rush and, unfortunately, the headache that follows. Critics call it “dance”, but really Datarock is danceable post-punk that uses pop hooks and humor to draw listeners in. But it's the music … [Read more...]

The Boyish Charms – Nothing Spectacular Awaits

The Boyish CharmsNothing Spectacular AwaitsYou might say the Boyish Charms have little concern for cultivating an imposing appearance. The foot they put forward is probably the practical one and, often enough, the better sounding — no free posters or garish packaging here. Instead, they are refreshingly content to sit on their asses in sunny San … [Read more...]

Allegiance – Desperation

AllegianceDesperationI listened to Allegiance's old material here and there, but it never really caught me. The band's latest effort, Desperation, would serve as my turning point. The pacing of this band used to throw me off somewhat. I can get down with heavy hardcore, but Allegiance was giving me motion sickness. I prefer a more … [Read more...]

Death To Anders – Punctuate The Calamities

Death To AndersPunctuate The CalamitiesThere is a piece of twine on the cover of Death To Anders’ debut album, "Punctuate The Calamities", tying together not just their the flimsy paper case, but their underlying, lo-fi philosophy. As students of the three Founding Fathers of late 80's/ 90's indie rock- Pixies, Pavement, and Pinback (with some … [Read more...]

Handsome Furs – Plague Park

Handsome FursPlague ParkHandsome Furs are a side project of Wolf Parade’s Dan Boechner along with his fiancée Alexei Perry. That’s it, just the two of them and very little in the way of instruments. They aren’t trying to create grandiose songs with great depth but rather simple, repetitive tracks with well-written lyrics. And at this, … [Read more...]

Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist

Smashing PumpkinsZeitgeistLet's not kid ourselves here. You're reading this either because you are a diehard Smashing Pumpkins fan, or you came to see me rip this record a new one. Never one to make music on anything less than a grand scale, Billy Corgan's new version of Smashing Pumpkins turns in a grand failure. It would be easy enough alone to … [Read more...]

Subhumans (Canada) – New Dark Age Parade

Subhumans (Canada)New Dark Age ParadeSubhumans', New Dark Age Parade is not just another punk protest album. Gerry Hannah walked the walk by taking part in Direct Action protests in the 80's. This abrasive album begins with "World of War", a lament for the oppressed, hungry, unhappy and marginalized in society. "Celebrity" exposes a world where: … [Read more...]

Call Me Lightning – Soft Skeletons

Call Me LightningSoft SkeletonsIn the Soft Skeletons opener “Meet the Skeletons,” vocalist and guitarist Nathan Lilley half sings and half screams, “I hate the night!” over a thorny guitar riff and the pit-er-pat of forceful, unswerving drumming. Why hate the night? Children are informed by well-meaning parents that there isn't anything in … [Read more...]