Magic Bullets – A CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in love

Magic Bullets
A CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in love

If twee pop is your thing, you could do worse than the debut CD from Magic Bullets. The San Francisco band has soaked up influences from the 80s and 90s and the resulting effort sounds familiar enough that fans of the genre will feel at home hearing it.

While the band name-checks Felt, Wedding Present, and even Gang of Four, to my ears this album crosses Marine Girls and Bomb Pops. It’s breezy and light as opposed to dark, driving, and confrontational. Vocally drama-laden, the songs may flirt with darker themes but the surrounding musical packaging says otherwise. There’s some good, jangly guitar work on such tracks as “Yesterday’s Seen Better Days” and “Circumstances.” The rhythm section plays appropriately sharply. The production is fine as well.

The more I listen to the album, the more I hear a Monochrome Set influence. There’s a shared intelligence and aesthetic about the music. I get the feeling, though, that Magic Bullets might not have as much of the self-knowing smirk that let that earlier band get away with so many of its releases.

For true inspiration, you’d be well served to check out this label’s other releases. In particular, the re-issues of For Against and Lucy Show demonstrate the best of the past.