Bury The Sound – Autumn Magnets EP

Bury The Sound
Autumn Magnets EP

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, four-piece outfit Bury the Sound makes refined, dynamic instrumental rock. Signed to Hidden Shoal Recordings, this group is a dazzling addition to the already impressive lineup. Bury the Sound manages to sound sumptuous, emotive, and absorbing without any trace of being overdone.

Autumn Magnets is a 3-track sampling, but it is enough to show the impressive talent and vision this band possesses. Bury the Sound’s combination of quiet intensity and soothing, contemplative melodies are reminiscent of Do Make Say Think and Explosions in the Sky. Drummer Shannon Hayes is brilliant, standing out on the excellent “Gemini Unbound”. “What Would One Become” is mesmerizing and reflective and awe-inspiring. Bury the Sound is remarkable on Autumn Magnets, and a band of this caliber won’t go unnoticed for long.