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Constant Velocity – s/t

Constant Velocitys/tConstant Velocity are a punk rock band. Don’t let the name fool you; when I first heard it, I thought that I was in for listening to a band doomed to acquire the dreaded “emo” label. Constant Velocity play a type of punk rock often overlooked and obscured by the more traditional definition of the term. They play a pop driven … [Read more...]

Patton Oswalt – Werewolves and Lollipops

Patton OswaltWerewolves and Lollipops"A failure pile in a sadness bowl". That is one of the lines that I will walk away with from Patton Oswalt's Sub Pop debut Werewolves and Lollipops. Patton presents his comedy in a tragic, "woe is me" style that works, though it can seem lost on the simple minded. In world where everything seems pretty … [Read more...]

No Second Troy – Narcotic

No Second TroyNarcoticOn a brilliant afternoon in late July, cloud-free, Carolinian heat not too enervating, I opened up my window and allowed No Second Troy’s Narcotic to drift out to passersby, intending to give it a tepid going-over while finding out if Harry Potter meets his end courageously. Before I could sink onto the sofa, prepared for a … [Read more...]

Sebadoh – The Freed Man

SebadohThe Freed ManIn the recent rash of reunion tours plaguing music these days there is at least one ray of light to come of the hatchet burial between Eric Gaffney and Lou Barlow. Last year the original Sebadoh lineup came together to finally reissue the seminal III album, complete with better sound, an extra disc of outtakes, and comprehensive … [Read more...]

The Destro – As the Coil Unwinds

The DestroAs the Coil UnwindsAs the Coil Unwinds is the debut full-length from Texas metal quartet The Destro. The release is being handled by Ironclad Records which is owned by Trevor Phipps of Unearth, so that might give you an idea of the direction this album is taking. It isn't an Unearth clone or anything like that, but this certainly falls … [Read more...]

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – After The Night Falls / Before The Day Breaks

Robin Guthrie & Harold BuddAfter The Night Falls / Before The Day BreaksAfter more than 20 years from their first collaboration on the Cocteau Twins' 1986 release The Moon and the Melodies, Harold Budd (the oft-cited Godfather of ambient music) and Robin Guthrie (Violet Indiana, Mahogany collaborator, solo artist, and ex-Cocteau Twins) prove … [Read more...]

Magic Bullets – A CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in love

Magic BulletsA CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in loveIf twee pop is your thing, you could do worse than the debut CD from Magic Bullets. The San Francisco band has soaked up influences from the 80s and 90s and the resulting effort sounds familiar enough that fans of the genre will feel at home hearing it. While the band name-checks Felt, Wedding … [Read more...]

Architecture in Helsinki – Places Like This

Architecture in HelsinkiPlaces Like ThisArchitecture in Helsinki is a serious band. Serious about throwing down the funkiest beats and most frenetic rhythms heard from Melbourne – or anywhere – in a long time. Remember Jacko and his Energizer commercials of the 1980s? Well, he was a shy mute compared to these kooky country mates of his. … [Read more...]

Interview with Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan’s vocals are stunningly graceful and wide-ranging, rising to airy, hopeful highs and suddenly sinking to solemn, heart-stopping lows. Amy uses her voice as an instrument, anchored by a serene, yet resonant tone that flows like mercury as she boldly bends, holds, and elongates notes, sounding like the wind blowing over the hollow of a … [Read more...]

Black Kites – All Wrong EP

Black KitesAll Wrong EPAh, yet another band with the word “black” in their name, but this band lives up to it, with guitar-propelled, soaring choruses and "swept-across-the-prairie", downer vocals. This EP is available on Black Kites’s own record label, Filthy Little Angels, and is comprised of the songs “All Wrong”, “Glass Parade”, and … [Read more...]