Venerea – One Louder

One Louder

The word Venerea really sounds lovely, doesn’t it? For a band that used to go by Venereal Disease, just plain old Venerea is an improvement. This Swedish outfit, signed to the aptly named Bad Taste Records, has come a long way. Their older albums have titles like The Second Cuming Of Venereal Disease, so Venerea’s maturation has been a welcome one. With admittedly low expectations of this album based off of their past material, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of One Louder.

In addition to clever, poetic lyrics, Mark Svensson’s drumming adds a hard edge to the catchy melodies and lively vocals. Not a moment is lost on this album; the band forgoes any semblance of a ballad and progresses at a break-neck speed through all of the tracks. Although One Louder is packed with songs, the best are from the first cut to the ninth. Standout “All Washed Up”, which at the beginning seems to diverge from the general flow of the album, comes back to provide the same fast, raw punk the album promises. With influences like Bad Religion and The Ramones, Venerea is working off of a strong punk foundation. “Throwing Bricks” and “Rearview” were also my clear favorites, and these tracks sounded a lot like the presently defunct (but still great) Bear Vs. Shark.

For a fan of energetic and straightforward punk, One Louder is a safe bet. The album beings to meander after track nine, but this is overshadowed by the quality that is there. Their name may be pretty revolting, but this album is not. They are currently playing shows in Europe, and hopefully Venerea will make a trip to the US soon.