Religious Knives – Remains

Remains is 57:49 of ambient drone collected from three previously released, rare recordings by Religious Knives. On here, synths meditate throughout, imbibing Eastern European liqueurs as their presence swells and fades. These recordings aren’t noise because they have flow and tone from actual sustained instrumentation. Altogether, the tracks loosely resemble a soundtrack, creating tension for some unrealized late 60’s cultish psychedelic thriller.

While I won’t recommend Remains specifically, uninitiated listeners would do well to discover drone or other experimental noise ambience. It has it’s merits. You put it on, let it play while you work or exercise or whatever, and ignore it. After a while it may find you.

Drone, like many forms of ambient music, is the sonic equivalent of modern art. Its appeal confounds those outside “progressive” circles.

Likewise, to most people, music is about the song. Some people like a good beat, others a catchy tune. But everyone should note that the music they like now was most likely scoffed at by another generation. Many celebrated classical pieces even generated controversy at one time.

If you don’t already like drone, the material on Remains will probably not appeal to you. But if you have described yourself as open-minded, prove it by putting on some drone a few times, letting it play uninterrupted for at least 30-45 minute stretches, and see what happens.