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Gerald Collier – How Can There Be Another Day?

Gerald CollierHow Can There Be Another Day?From his days as the creative powerhouse behind Best Kissers in the World to the digital-only release solo record Unreleased Country Album, Gerald Collier’s taken a few spins around the tilt-a-whirl that is the music business since the early 90’s. Having been performing as a ‘solo’ artist for almost a … [Read more...]

Darkest Hour – Demon(s)

Darkest HourDemon(s)This is Darkest Hour's first stamp on metal since their crushing 2005 album Undoing Ruin. The first single from their upcoming July 10th release Deliver Us shows no signs of slowing down for these gentleman. Darkest Hour have always walked a fine line between their potential to rule the world and their ability to hold on to … [Read more...]

The Hold Steady – Norman – Opolis, Oklahoma – 2007-06-12

The Hold SteadyWhere: Norman - Opolis, Oklahoma.When: 2007-06-12“She got screwed up by religion She got screwed by soccer players She got stoned for the first time in the camps down by the Mississippi River Lord to be seventeen forever She got confused about the truth She came to in a confession She got high for the last time on the camps … [Read more...]

Jill Cunniff – City Beach

Jill CunniffCity BeachCity Beach is the solo debut of Luscious Jackson’s leading lady, Jill Cunniff. As the first of the crew to go out on her own, she has made a decent attempt here but she needs to learn to stick to her strengths. With a distinct voice that lends itself well to breezy, summertime grooves, it is these points within the album … [Read more...]

Pissed Jeans – Hope For Men

Pissed JeansHope For MenPennsylvania's Pissed Jeans comes on like a ton of bricks. Hope For Men plays out its catharsis in known ways, however, which is a shame because that limits the band. We've heard this sound from a host of previous bands. The album has its moments, to be sure - but overall, it comes off as old wine in new jars. The primal … [Read more...]

Buffalo Tom – Three Easy Pieces

Buffalo Tom Three Easy Pieces When Buffalo Tom slipped-off into hibernation sometime after 1998’s feloniously-spurned Smitten, it appeared like the end was pretty much nigh for the Bostonian power-trio. For many fans, 2000’s Asides and 2002’s Besides compilations felt like admirable, albeit bittersweet, acts of closure. And when … [Read more...]

Earthless – Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky

EarthlessRhythms From a Cosmic SkyThrow together equal parts incredible drumwork (Mario Rubalcaba aka Ruby Mars of Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes, etc.), blistering guitar riffs (Isaiah Mitchell of Nebula) and gut rumbling bass (Mike Eginton of Electric Nazarene) and what you get is the tasty Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky from San Diego rockers … [Read more...]

Hallelujah the Hills – Collective Psychosis Begone

Hallelujah the HillsCollective Psychosis Begone“You could chalk it up, but you haven’t got a blackboard. You could shrug it off but your shoulders broke. You could laugh it off, but it isn’t a joke.” The middle passage of “Sleeper Agent (Just Waking Up)” doesn’t dissemble. But the rest of Collective Psychosis Begone, like the similarly titled So … [Read more...]

Frank Black – Frank Black 93-03

Frank BlackFrank Black 93-03If Frank Black’s 14 or so years as a solo artist are to be recognised as anything more than a time-filling exercise before and after an eventual Pixies reunion, then his stoic stubbornness and wilful reluctance to self-edit would arguably be the most defining characteristics. This has predictably had both a positive and … [Read more...]

Rumskib – S/T

RumskibS/TRumskib, the Danish duo of Keith Canisius (guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer) and Tine Louise Kortermand (singer), have all of the tools to be a success in the dreamy, ethereal shoegaze genre, or as some call it, "nu-gaze". They have a captivating female singer who croons over reverb drenched, dreamy guitar soundscapes, their well … [Read more...]