FOX Japan – Brandi

FOX Japan

With a sound reminiscent of The Pixies, Ted Leo, and Pavement, Fully Operational X Japan — FOX Japan for short — has been making music since 1993, when band members were barely in their teens. Hailing from Wheeling, West Virginia, the quartet now makes their homes across the country from California to Virginia. They meet up in Wheeling for practices, and after a 2001 hiatus, continue to tour the nation. The band’s newest album, And Now This!, is available now with upcoming tour dates in Pennsylvania and an album release show in their hometown.

“Brandi”, the first track off of And Now This!, has a catchy beginning and an upbeat melody, which transitions into a deceptively melancholy ode to an unrequited love interest. The track is better than average, but has some drawbacks. Charlie Wilmoth’s and Andrew Slater’s guitar work is capably played and integrated seamlessly in front of solid drumming by Pete Wilmoth. The weakest aspect is the vocals, which bounce back and forth from passable to strained. The lyrics are personal and relatable, but it’s familiar territory. This track is an accessible introduction to FOX Japan, and hopefully the guys can build off a solid start with “Brandi”.