Earthless – Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky

Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky

Throw together equal parts incredible drumwork (Mario Rubalcaba aka Ruby Mars of Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes, etc.), blistering guitar riffs (Isaiah Mitchell of Nebula) and gut rumbling bass (Mike Eginton of Electric Nazarene) and what you get is the tasty Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky from San Diego rockers Earthless.

All consummate musicians in their own right, these riff spewing madmen came together under the idea of ‘Let’s specifically start a Japanese-psychedelic-heavy-Kraut-rock-band.’ Man-o-man, did they know what the world needed to hear! Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky is an unbelievable blending of these different styles, that doesn’t fail to come into it’s own. This is psych heavy riff-rock (with a little jam thrown in for good measure) at its best!

With three tracks clocking in at a total of 47 minutes and 42 seconds (but seeming longer, as it is a slice of eternity) there is plenty of music here to keep you satisfied.

“Godspeed” opens the album up with a rockin’ and rollin’ beat and a hearty helping of riffage that’ll give even the most riff hungry gourmand enough to chew on. Broken down into suites over the twenty minute plus epic, “Godspeed” changes enough to stay interesting throughout; yet never fails to keep returning to base, reminding the listener that this is indeed one song. Stellar, man, stellar.
“Sonic Prayer” continues in the vein of theme and variation, and between the two tracks it’s easy to see just what Earthless is putting down. So get with it and pick it up!

The final track is a cover of The Groundhogs’ 1971, “Cherry Red”. This is a killer cover from a great British band that garnered the respect and admiration of John Lee Hooker way back in the early days of the blues explosion of the early 60s. Earthless does it justice and you get the feeling that their version is how it should have been done from the start!

All in all, Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky is a great album, and I can’t wait to hear more from Earthless. These guys serve up some killer tunes, and it’s plain to see that it won’t be long before people far and wide know their name.