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Minus the Bear – Planet of Ice

Minus the BearPlanet of IceMinus the Bear’s 3rd release, Planet of Ice, comprises one of the band's most serious efforts to date: showcasing a genre-defying array of influence and technique, as well as a newfound political dimension in addition to the band's often silly-yet-humorous lyrics, this album pushes further into the realm of progressive … [Read more...]

Low – Columbia – Merriweahter Post Pavilion, Maryland – 2007-06-21

LowWhere: Columbia - Merriweahter Post Pavilion, Maryland.When: 2007-06-21Several times throughout Wilco’s set at their stop in Columbia, MD Jeff Tweedy made reference to aging. Once about them getting older, the second about their fans getting older. And dying. While their fan base isn’t necessarily Rolling Stones age, from where I was sitting it … [Read more...]

Birds of Avalon – Bazaar, Bazaar

Birds of AvalonBazaar, BazaarLike a phoenix, Birds of Avalon rose from the ashy corpse that was The Cherry Valence. Where as the latter band could not transfer its live energy to tape, BOA has no trouble rocking on record and onstage. Throughout Bazaar, Bazaar, BOA dawdle in many genres, from Indian twangs to power pop to Zeppelin rock, and though … [Read more...]

Tammany Hall Machine – Amateur Saw

Tammany Hall MachineAmateur SawMore 60s obsessed pop, this time from the five-man Tammany Hall Machine who hail not from the infamously corrupt Boss Tweed’s old stomping grounds of Manhattan but instead from the dusty, famously incorruptible Austin, Texas. At first, Amateur Saw seems notable primarily for its welcome use of a brass section and the … [Read more...]


ORESKABANDOreLook at some of you sitting there, with your good taste intact, sniffing diffidently and turning your nose up at the idea of ORESKA, but you and I both know the dirty truth; a lot of you will continue reading this review based solely on the following magic words ~ "The hottest teen girl sextet from Osaka, Japan…" I knew I'd hook … [Read more...]

Lubos Fiser – Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie A tyden divu)

Lubos FiserValerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie A tyden divu)Want to show your French New Wave friends up? Well, throw this Czech New Wave shit in their faces. In 1970 Valerie and Her Week of Wonders premiered in the Czech Republic during an artistically fruitful time for Czech filmmakers (Milos Forman came from this group of filmmakers). … [Read more...]

Private Eleanor – Sweethearting

Private EleanorSweetheartingThe latest from Baltimore group Private Eleanor, Sweethearting is self-assured and lively, exhibiting both sonic depth and a multi-faceted, engaging lyrical style. It does all this with good reason: the album is the group's fourth, and evinces a comfort and security within a group deeply settled into itself. At times … [Read more...]

MJ Hibbett & The Validators – The Lesson Of The Smiths/ The Gay Train CD Single

MJ Hibbett & The ValidatorsThe Lesson Of The Smiths/ The Gay Train CD SingleFor a refreshing change from the glut of alt-country, folk, and Americana bands clogging the internet and headphones with their depressing, sad-sack vocals and toned-down instruments, check out MJ Hibbett & The Validators, a U.K. band with an upbeat sound and intricate, … [Read more...]

Grizzly Bear – Greensboro – The Carolina Theatre, North Carolina – 2007-06-14

Grizzly BearWhere: Greensboro - The Carolina Theatre, North Carolina.When: 2007-06-14Like the matron rising early to get properly outfitted for Sunday morning, the Carolina Theatre, a suitably historic building ensconced in downtown Greensboro and dedicated, of course, to “presenting arts and preserving history,” did not spare the pastoral … [Read more...]

31Knots – The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere

31KnotsThe Days and Nights of Everything AnywhereThe Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere could just as easily have been called The Days and Nights of Anything Everywhere as the fractured musical landscape on 31 Knots' 4th long-player includes an undefinable hodgepodge of rock forms that comes as close to the band's own description of … [Read more...]