Unsane – Visqueen


When NYC based madmen Unsane put together a new album’s worth of songs, anyone worth their salt should take notice. Visqueen is no exception…

With the release of Visqueen, Unsane have once again brought forth an unapologetic comment on the state of things as only Unsane can. Raw emotion and instrumental brilliance abound on this album, and only the deaf and uninitiated can possibly escape the onslaught. This is post-hardcore noise-rock as only Unsane can deliver.

Visqueen opens with “Against the Grain”. A strolling bass line meanders for a few bars aside a steady, subdued drumbeat before crashing headlong into the punishing riff territory that trademarks Unsane’s sound. That’s when the vocals kick in, and it’s evident that these guys are still full of piss and vinegar. “It’s not the things you call me/ it’s not the times you stayed/ I know I fucked up/ I can’t make this go away.” Yeah, it’s like that.

Listening to this album this reviewer does not feel the need to break down each and every track individually; simply for the fact that the entirety of Visqueen is incredible. Except, maybe, for Track 10; “Eat Crow”. I just don’t feel the flow of that song. It’s as lyrically intriguing as the rest of the material on Visqueen, I just cannot get with the groove of this particular tune. However, the closer on the album (Track 11) “East Broadway” is an instrumental track that sounds like it was recorded with the studio door open. Capturing the sounds of the street and giving the song a distinctly gritty urban vibe. It seems like the best way to wrap up this jewel from one of the leaders and pioneers of the “noise rock” scene. Spencer, Curran and Signorelli haven’t lost a damn thing, and other bands can only hope to find what Unsane has. With Visqueen, they have their best yet and we can only hope for more!