The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound – Ekranoplan

1970? Really? I thought we were well entrenched in the twenty- first century at this point, but Ekranoplan, the new release from San Francisco based rockers The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound has me thinking otherwise. And I’m thinking in technicolor pathways awash in sun and sound; ecstatic at having stumbled upon another rip in the veil.

The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound found its way into being at the threshold of the new millennium, and after their 2005 debut (limited pressing) linked up with Tee Pee Records to be able to bring us this well crafted piece of psychedelic glory. Drawing from influences like Pink Floyd, Eastern melodies, the MC5 and innumerable others, the band has pulled pieces from the superstring (maybe some dark matter for balance) and produced a stellar album. These guys really have it together. Tight, technical, well constructed and soulful artistry have brought to light a vision unseen in this genre for quite some time. Ekranoplan is not your average, run-of-the-mill psychedelic hodgepodge; this is pure, unadulterated, blues licked, spacey groove, the likes of which the world has not been privileged to hear in ages. With more instrumental than vocal presence on the album, the vocal work that is on Ekranoplan is a great compliment to the overall tone of the album. These cats can sing, dammit!

It’s really no use to break down each of the individual tracks on this album; though I would like to say that, from this intersection of time and space where I exist, Track 3 (“Rudy on the Corner”), Track 4 (“Summon the Vardig”), Track 5 (”Occult Roots”), Track 7 (“D. Brown”) and Track 8 (“The Chocolate Maiden’s Misty Summer Morning”) make up the heart of Ekranoplan. Although the entire album sounds fantastic (no shortcuts on the production here) these are the invocations and incantations that break the seals on the doors to the other side. This is power, ancient magic that few can wield so deftly.

Ekranoplan is an album of expertly woven textures. A cosmic blanket whose weave and weft came to being at the hands of skilled and inspired artisans. To open a door and slip the noose, wrap yourself in this blanket and turn on with the newest offering from The Assembled Head in Sunburst Sound.