Small Wonders #4

Double Muslims – s/t 7″

Laboratory Standard Recordings (

Double Muslims hail from my hometown of Knoxville, TN and have the dubious honor of being one of my favorite local bands from the past few years. On this recording they are Eric Lee on guitar, Jason Boardman (proprietor of local venue The Pilot Light) on drums, and Marcelle Good playing cello. Everytime I’ve seen them live I’ve gotten a completely different impression, once they were two drummers and two guitarists playing complex math-rock but then another time they were Lee alone with Mountains of Moss main man Adam Ewing joining him on banjo. Regardless, they make some great music and you get a taste of both of those elements here. “Errors of Menace/Stupor Creek” comes off like a hybrid of Dirty Three, Abilene, and possibly Don Caballero to a lesser extent. This one’s limited to 300 copies, numbered and sealed with a wax stamp. Good stuff.


Deerhunter/Hubcap City – split 7″

Rob’s House (

ATL’s Deerhunter and Hubcap City team up for a terrific split that is probably sold out at this point thanks to all the press Deerhunter have been garnering for their incredibly excellent Cryptograms album. Their side here showcases the droning ambience of the album in seedling form. Hubcap City on the other hand plays the grounded foil to Deerhunter’s dreamy float. They offer up a slice of found sounds, strings, and weary vocals. I’m sure there are some copies of this left out there, get ’em while you can.


Helm – Origin of Misery 3″ CD-R

Blackest Rainbow (

Not to be confused with hardcore band The Helm, Helm is Luke Younger from Birds of Delay. This is the second release from him under this moniker as far as I’m aware. It follows his self-released One CD-R. Younger unleashes a painful onslaught of harsh noise on the unsuspecting. Origin of Misery encompasses three tracks and clocks in at approximately 20 minutes, nearly filling the tiny 3″ to the brim with uncontrolled screeching goodness.


Goslings/Yellow Swans – Bored Fortress split 7″

Not Not Fun (

Another installment of Not Not Fun’s Bored Fortress subscription series gets the nod for pick of this litter. If you haven’t heard Goslings yet, what are you waiting for? Their Grandeur of Hair disc from last year was a blown out trip heavy enough to stand next to SunnO))), noisy enough to rival Merzbow, and with vocals not unlike the shoegaze bands of yore. Simply put, they are a phenomenal group and their side of this split is nothing less than perfection. Yellow Swans do their thing on the flip side, constructing a glorious wall of white noise. Perhaps taking a cue from Goslings, they add subtly melodic themes into this mixture. This is one of the best split 7″‘s I’ve heard in a long time.