Small Wonders #3

Aaron Dilloway – White Hair/Amputation 7″

Bloodlust! (

Aaron Dilloway used to be in Wolf Eyes until 2005 when he departed to make noise on his own and was replaced by Hair Police’s Mike Connelly. Since that time he’s been busy with his label, Hanson, and releasing a slew of solo material. This 7″ is one of the most soul-crushing things he’s done in my opinion. It’s filled with queasy analog keyboards that sound like a super-distorted version of Goblin’s soundtrack to Dawn of the Dead. Absolutely essential.


GHQ/Ex-Cocaine – Bored Fortress split 7″

Not Not Fun (

GHQ is Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards and Hototogisu), Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, Vanishing Voice, Spectre Folk, etc.), and Steve Gunn. Together they induce a trance-like state with their haunting drone-folk. Their side of this record in Not Not Fun’s Bored Fortress series of subscription only split 7″‘s displays the group’s seemingly effortless stranglehold on hypnotic vibration. This was my first exposure to Ex-Cocaine. I hear good things about them, but their side of the split is less than exciting. It sounds kinda like an electric drum circle and wooden blocks tumbling inside of a dryer. Not horrible, but horribly average. The jury’s out until I hear something else.


Tim Coster – Rowboat/Blackberry 3″ CD-R


I couldn’t find a website for the Compact Listening audio label (or CLaudia as it appears most everywhere). If you’re lucky there may be some copies of this left at a few distros. It was first pressed as a lathe-cut 7″ in an edition of 60 and now reissued on 3″ CD-R in a second edition of 60. “Rowboat” is on the Tim Hecker/Fennesz tip, encompassing digital dronescapes with some cloudy distortion. “Blackberry” sounds more akin to Oren Ambarchi. Regardless of the obvious reference points, the ten minutes of music here are well worth the price of admission.


Sian Alice Group – The Social Club No. 2 7″

Social Registry (

This is the second 7″ in the Social Registry’s Social Club subscription series. Because I like to do things ass backward sometimes, I’ll be reviewing the first 7″ from the series next time. The only track on the CD-R version I have is “Nightsong,” but I believe on the 7″ it may be divided into the two sides of the record. As such there seems to be a pause here between the halves of the track. It definitely has a Cocteau Twins or Slowdive thing going on mixed with something like Charalambides. While it isn’t nearly as magnificent as all that, it still manages to shine brightly.