Self-Evident – s/t

With mathematical precision, excellent drumming, and smooth, melodic guitars, Self-Evident has made an impressively refined and sophisticated new album. This Minneapolis trio deftly weaves together punk-infused drumming with flowing riffs, and the result is striking. These very talented musicians excel with their very own breed of intense, thoughtful, and capably-executed rock in the vain of influences like Don Caballero and Fugazi. Self-Evident offers something different with each track, and executes it all skillfully.

One of the most notable aspects of Self-Evident’s album, which progresses at a brisk thirty-four minutes, is how bassist Tom Berg and guitarist Conrad Mach complement each other seamlessly. Their creativity and passion even behind the vocals is inspired and beautiful. The best example of this is on “Evolving”, one the best tracks on the entire album, and the music is so good it almost makes me wish the vocals weren’t there at all. The vocals are definitely the weakest aspect. The lyrics are intelligent and make an actual statement, but lack the same precision as the guitar work and Ben Johnston’s drumming. Another standout is “Fraid”, with its great beats, as is the melodically melancholy “Tragedy”.

With their current tour underway, Self-Evident has been getting some well-deserved airplay to promote this new album. For a change of pace from the typical, adeptly-played instruments, and observant lyrics, Self-Evident is a great choice.