Rob Crow – I Hate You, Rob Crow CD single

Rob Crow
I Hate You, Rob Crow CD single

Sometimes not being familiar with a musician’s previous work is a good thing. You know – no preconceived notions, clean slate and all that? Such is the case with Rob Crow. The man has had a fairly prolific career with all sorts of bands and side projects to his credit, including perhaps most notably Pinback, but I had still never heard of the guy before his I Hate You, Rob Crow CD single caught my attention.

This little gem, from Crow’s recently released full-length album Living Well, features the “single” length version of “I Hate You, Rob Crow” – which is oddly longer than the album version – as well as two extra tracks plus a video of the main song thrown in for kicks. You can’t beat that for a measly $2! And, if this single is any indication of what else one can find on Rob Crow’s album then throw me in the pile on of gushing critics.

“I Hate You, Rob Crow” is a phenomenal song all around. It’s fairly subdued sounding, but has enough pep to catch your ear from the first listen. After that, this infectious little ditty will have you bouncing along for repeat listens. Crow’s soft, but smooth vocal delivery gives the otherwise pop-driven track a dreamy quality that I keep getting drawn back into. The video for the song is pretty lighthearted and fun, which seems to fit Crow’s sense of humor perfectly.

The second track is a synthy instrumental piece titled “Sea Sawn”. It gives a small, moody bit of atmosphere to the CD, but doesn’t overtly intrigue. The final song, “Slick,” is another fine indie rock number – again a subdued slow burner, but this time with some gentle female background vocals.

Like any good CD single I Hate You, Rob Crow leaves you wanting more – and what better place to find more than on Living Well. For others not in the know about Rob Crow, this treasure is a fine place to whet your appetite. Existing fans should nab this as soon as possible just to complete their Rob Crow discography.

Editor’s Note: The cover art for this single was not available, so the artwork from Rob Crow’s album Living Well is featured above.