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Small Wonders #4

Double Muslims - s/t 7" Laboratory Standard Recordings ( Double Muslims hail from my hometown of Knoxville, TN and have the dubious honor of being one of my favorite local bands from the past few years. On this recording they are Eric Lee on guitar, Jason Boardman (proprietor of local venue The … [Read more...]

The Poison Dart – Get Hot

The Poison DartGet HotThe Poison Dart show their Northwest (and Canadian) roots on their debut album Get Hot. The album displays the original intent of alternative music, by blending various musical styles and instruments with lyrics that tend to encompass a view of existentialism; even if the individual search for meaning leads one to invent words … [Read more...]

Skinny Jim and the Number 9 Blacktops – Matchbox

Skinny Jim and the Number 9 BlacktopsMatchboxSkinny Jim and the Number 9 Blacktops are one of those bands I should see live; their myspace profile - featuring a topless Skinny Jim in all his tattooed glory - reminds me of the Sideruner's own minimalist arrangement. Like the Siderunners, the Blacktops combine old Americana styles with a 70's and … [Read more...]

Go It Alone – Histories

Go It AloneHistoriesOne of the more consistent melodic hardcore bands is Vancouver's Go It Alone. They're no strangers to myself, having an EP (Vancouver Gold) and 2005 full-length (The Only Blood Between Us) already in my collection. Two years later with the sophomore album out, the band is still very recognizable. Histories focuses on the … [Read more...]

Draft Riots – MascuLeninism

Draft RiotsMascuLeninismFrom the album title, to the song titles, to the name of the band itself, Draft Riots has something to say. They manage to get a lot across with minimal lyrics and diverse songwriting on this brief and note-worthy album. With broad influences spanning 70’s British punk and rock, and DC punk from the 90’s, Draft Riots are a … [Read more...]

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Scribble Mural Comic Journal

A Sunny Day in GlasgowScribble Mural Comic JournalThe story goes that A Sunny Day in Glasgow began as a bedroom recording project of Ben Daniels of King Kong Ding Dong and Ever Nalens before morphing into the current trio of Ben and his identical twin sisters, Robin and Lauren. With his cyclical guitar cascades and their ethereal vocals, Scribble … [Read more...]

Midnight Movies – Lion the Girl

Midnight MoviesLion the GirlLos Angeles’ Midnight Movies seek to evoke the deep hours of the night not only in their chosen name but also in the “decidedly noir,” gloomy goth-pop they compose and perform. In fact, they capture that special quality of night in another way as well: they put me to sleep. Though the atmospherics are fine and the band … [Read more...]

Deleted Scenes – s/t EP

Deleted Sceness/t EPI’m not sure what it was that made me pull Deleted Scenes’ debut EP out of the piles of discs, but I’m absolutely glad that I did. What makes one band out of the thousand others waiting stand out without first hearing the music is a mystery to me. Maybe it was the minimalist look of the cover art or perhaps the fact that other … [Read more...]

Tiger – Swankin

TigerSwankinWhen it comes to old-fashioned slide guitar, few of Tiger's contemporaries can sing the blues quite like him. Armed with a unique energy and screaming guitar solos - i.e. "Swankin" -, the Nashville resident makes up for his lack of eclectic-ness with a complete understanding of blues traditionalism - shown on "Scrappy Blues" and "Woman … [Read more...]

My Brightest Diamond – Tear It Down

My Brightest DiamondTear It DownTear It Down is an apt name for this release as ten songs from My Brightest Diamond's 2006 debut album Bring Me The Workhorse are torn down, remixed and built into thirteen distinctive tracks. While I am a fan of My Brightest Diamond, aka Shara Worden, I'm not a big fan of remix albums, and a couple of the tracks … [Read more...]