Deleted Scenes – s/t EP

I’m not sure what it was that made me pull Deleted Scenes’ debut EP out of the piles of discs, but I’m absolutely glad that I did. What makes one band out of the thousand others waiting stand out without first hearing the music is a mystery to me. Maybe it was the minimalist look of the cover art or perhaps the fact that other than the CD-R’s sent to the press this is a digital only release. I guess maybe I thought this was a band that could use a little boost and I generally enjoy rooting for the underdog if they deserve the attention.

Deleted Scenes are a Washington, D.C. based foursome that play some incredibly catchy indie rock with great pop sensibilities. The group’s self-titled debut EP is only four songs long, but each of them pack a punch. There is a pretty wide range of styles here for such a short release and I’m impressed by each of them.

Opening track “Day Off Work” has a bit of a rockabilly vibe, with driving guitar and bouncing drum work. This is the kind of indie rock that should be getting tons of radio play! “Trying to Remember a Dream” is a slower, lo-fi number with a touch of dark Americana that comes out in the somber vocals. “Hyperbaric” slows the pace down even more and this time takes more of a folk-rock turn. A trumpet adds to the many layers here and lyrics like “I can just about forget about getting’ young again” make me a bit wistful for more carefree days. The final song, “He Just Doesn’t Get It” brings the tempo back up to energetic rock territory again and this is where I really, truly love Deleted Scenes.

Deleted Scenes show amazing promise for such a young band as it seems hard to do indie rock this well anymore. The band is tight, they write some seriously catchy tunes, and they don’t dumb down their lyrics for the masses. If intelligent indie rock is your thing this Deleted Scenes EP won’t set you back more than a few bucks and will easily be one of the best purchases you’ve made all year.