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Interview with Inger Lorre of The Nymphs

Delusions Of Adequacy: From what I've read, you grew up in New Jersey on the East Coast of the U.S. and as a kid you learned to play different musical instruments. Were you self-taught or did you take lessons? Did you want to become a musician at this early age or did your folks push you to take lessons? Inger Lorre: Yup, I play violin, viola, … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – Icons, Abstract Thee EP

Of MontrealIcons, Abstract Thee EPOn the heels of the excellently effervescent indie-rock on Of Montreal's 9th album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? and borne from the same sessions, comes the EP Icons, Abstract Thee. Armed with the same biting and satirical lyrics and swirling vocal harmonies these 5 songs are not quite formed with the … [Read more...]

A New Dawn Fades – I See the Nightbirds

A New Dawn FadesI See the NightbirdsInstrumental duo A New Dawn Fades doesn't sound like Joy Division, despite the band name. The tracks on I See the Nightbirds range from June of 44 math-rock to Letter E subtlety. Most of the music consists of just guitar and drums. When first listening to it, I didn't know that the band had only two members … [Read more...]

Magnetic Health Factory – The Magic Skyline

Magnetic Health FactoryThe Magic SkylineFile The Magic Skyline by Magnetic Health Factory under "So Bad It's Almost Good". For a sub-lo-fi amateur exercise, this has some charm. The strength of The Magic Skyline is its tenderfoot songwriting. The pimple-faced compositions work because they don't try to mask the album's weaknesses. The end … [Read more...]

Charming – Turn Down the Lights

CharmingTurn Down the LightsThis New York City-based group brings us an album that is two years in the making and features what the group likes to call “indie pop soul”. But that description is only the half of the picture. The band mix pop, disco, soul, twee, new wave and even international accents not only throughout the album but with many … [Read more...]

Interview with Level Plane Records

Ask any band on the Level Plane roster about label owner Greg Drudy and you will hear nothing but the highest praise. According to The One A.M. Radio’s Hrishikesh Hirway: Working with Greg has been great. Since he hadn’t ever put out a record like the One A.M. Radio before, I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d be getting into when A Name Writ in Water … [Read more...]

Interview with Bob Mould

Over the past six or so years I must have notched-up nigh on a hundred interviews with bands for various publications and through various lines of communication. And I'd like to think I've become immune to the thin veil of fame. I've come to observe that so many artists can be as fallible and as regular living as us music-lovers. But then sometimes … [Read more...]

Interview with Hot Snakes

A super group of sorts, fans are bound to flock to Hot Snakes simply because two of its members - John Reis and Rick Froeberg - were members of such seminal bands as Drive Like Jehu, Rocket from the Crypt, and Pitchfork. Reis especially stays busy, still playing with Rocket from the Crypt and also releasing an album of mostly instrumental … [Read more...]

Interview with Aaron Scholz

It's taken little time for Wisconsin singer/songwriter Aaron Scholz to prove himself as one of indie rock's great unknown voices. As the modern genre truly features few artists worth getting terribly excited over, Scholz has emerged as a true believer who has the potential of injecting a little new life into the most staid songwriting conventions. … [Read more...]

Early-Gallon Drunk Reissued

In this digital age, where nothing can supposedly ever be truly deleted from existence, it’s still a strange scenario to find key musical works of historical importance and influence no longer officially available to experience. For all the gargantuan momentum behind vintage albums being endlessly resurrected, remastered, reissued and reshuffled, … [Read more...]