The Flesh – Firetower

The Flesh

If you are looking for daring, original, and boisterous punk-rock with R&B undertones, The Flesh, signed to Gern Blandsten Records, provide just that. This band has been a part of New York’s underground music scene since 2002 and they cite their influences as Sly & The Family Stone, The Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, and Blonde Redhead. The Flesh has managed to create a sound uniquely their own with this impressive new album.

Firetower, which is set to hit stores later this spring, is soulful, seductive, defiant, and original. Singer and keyboardist Gabriella Zappia’s vocals are powerful and vehement. The band’s contagious beats, which would undoubtedly be a hit at any party, are danceable and irresistible. Pete Angevine’s drumming is catchy and the lyrics are honest. This type of expressive punk rock makes The Flesh a band that will appeal to a wide audience.

If anything, The Flesh is versatile. This genre-bending album offers up dramatic, sinister pop in “Justice”, punk-rock rebellion in “The Truant”, and punk-meets-funk in “Morning Sickness.” Zappia’s full vocal range is shown fully by the pretty ballad “Cross The Ocean”, which brings the album to a close nicely.

Firetower is distinctive while still being accessible. Bassist Jason Binnick and guitarist Nat Halpern are capable and inventive. Tracks like the creepy, obsessive “Compulsion” and the standout “The Cradle, The Brothel, And The Bible School” are bold and passionate. Fevered energy is captured beautifully on “Loyale” and the impressive “World to Come”, making Firetower diverse, gripping, and atmospheric.

The Flesh is currently on tour, with a few stops in the US before they head to Europe to further promote this notable new album.