Stars of the Lid – Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline

Stars of the Lid
Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline

It took over five years but Stars Of The Lid have done it again! Picking up where 2001’s The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid left off, Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline continues with a musical excursion into the peaceful inner spaces of pure ambient bliss.

SOTL have taken the ambient foundations laid by Brian Eno and Harold Budd and have honed them into an alternate musical universe filled with slowly shifting waves of meditative, hypnotic and majestic harmonies that fit perfectly into Eno’s elucidation of ambient music. That is, music that envelops the listener without drawing attention to itself, that can be either actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener.

Many of the song titles on this two-disc, eighteen track masterpiece help define and provide additional insight to the more than two hours of celestial music offered here. “Articulate Silences”, “Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage”, “Even If You’re Never Awake”, “The Daughters Of Quiet Minds”, “Another Ballad For Heavy Lids” and “A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning(less) Process” are all apt ways to describe the essences of these heavenly instrumental compositions.

Classical instruments such as harp, flugelhorn, clarinet and violoncelle are used to produce slumberous timbres that ebb and flow seamlessly with delicate electronic soundscapes and glissando guitar tones with nary a sour note. The tracks all blend together as the vapor trails of one lead into the calming ripples of another creating undulating waves that crest, but never crash, leaving the listener floating in a serene calmness.

While I may not go as far as SOTL fan and 4AD label founder Ivo Watts-Russell when he proclaims “I simply feel that they are making the most important music of the 21st century”, I will give Stars Of The Lid the kudos they deserve for providing endless hours of soothing entertainment while edging us closer to experiencing a timeless mind by expanding, and filling, the gap between our thoughts with exquisitely tranquil music.