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Wilco – Sky Blue Sky

WilcoSky Blue SkyFor all the kafuffle surrounding Wilco’s quasi-futuristic Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2002 and - to a slightly lesser-extent – 2004’s sequel, A Ghost Is Born, it was hard not to smell the hype and dismiss the cynical feeling that Jeff Tweedy and co. were merely going through a mid-career chameleon phase to keep themselves and the … [Read more...]

Flower-Corsano Duo – The Radiant Mirror

Flower-Corsano DuoThe Radiant MirrorChris Corsano and Mick Flower, the duo responsible for The Radiant Mirror, are apparently quite well known in the improvisational rock scene, which shows what I know. I am quite sure though, after listening to this three song EP, that these guys definitely have something great going and free-form instrumentals … [Read more...]

Brown Whörnet – Valamarano

Brown WhörnetValamaranoThere are only two reasons I would consider moving to Austin. First would be getting a chance to scream like a teenybopper during a live taping of Austin City Limits. Second would be a chance to see Brown Whörnet live. These guys rock out hard and like fellow Texans, Spoonfed Tribe, I've got a sneaking suspicion … [Read more...]

The Preakness – The Preakness

The PreaknessThe PreaknessThe Preakness is a fledgling band out of Atlanta, and on this 4-track, self-titled EP, it shows. The band plays with an air of tentativeness, which could either be intentional or be a function of how short of a time they have been playing together. Heartfelt lyrics and solid fundamentals demonstrate The Preakness’s … [Read more...]

Spoon – Baltimore – Sonar, MD – 2007-04-21

SpoonWhere: Baltimore - Sonar, MD.When: 2007-04-21Even though it was a sold out show it was still surprising that the line stretched around the block shortly after the doors were set to open. Baltimore is a town notorious for hipsters late to arrive but apparently the kids here love their Spoon. Also surprising was the sea of bare female legs … [Read more...]

the bird and the bee – the Bird and the Bee

the bird and the beethe Bird and the BeeInara George’s little heard 2005 release All Rise was a decent set of artsy-fartsy electro-folk/pop, and just one outlet for her busy magpie of a muse. As the daughter of the late Little Feat founder Lowell George, her direction might come as a bit of a surprise. There is precisely zero of her father’s … [Read more...]

Darkel – Darkel

DarkelDarkelJean-Benoit Dunckel, half of the atmospherically electronic French duo Air, goes it alone on an album that walks (well, more like dances) directly in the massive shadow of Air. The soundscapes here are tighter, more direct, and crafted into poppy dance and dream numbers that are still full of the strange, spacey sounds and breathy, … [Read more...]

Great Northern – Trading Twighlight For Daylight

Great NorthernTrading Twighlight For DaylightFrom the album art to the lonely, melancholy music - and even the name chosen by the Great Northern quartet - it might be a surprise that this group in fact chooses to call California their home. Somewhere in Canada might be a more fitting location. Even their style might suggest as much with a … [Read more...]

Aqueduct – Or Give Me Death

AqueductOr Give Me DeathAqueduct is the name given to David Terry's offbeat, one-man indie-pop project. But for Aqueduct's second release on Barsuk, Or Give Me Death, Terry enlisted the help of a few friends and has given Aqueduct a richer and fuller sound with a bit more charm and a bit less quirk than 2005's I Sold Gold. But fans need not … [Read more...]

Bark Haze – Total Joke Era

Bark HazeTotal Joke EraThe Bark Haze got their name from a mishearing of the 70's group the Bar-Cays. It is here that we understand the background for the group's album, Total Joke Era, a two song album over half an hour in length. Two tracks being entitled "Punch line 1" and "Punch line 2." Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore provides one half of the … [Read more...]