Mighty Fairly – Perfectly Good Airplanes

Mighty Fairly
Perfectly Good Airplanes

The Mighty Fairly trio takes off running with their debut Perfectly Good Airplanes. The opening track “Last Stand Started” immediately introduces the listener to the band’s ability to craft upbeat pop tunes with infectious hooks and layers vocals. Mischa Suemnig’s vocals sound a bit too punk-inspired for the overall sound but they grew on me after a few listens. “Lackluster” follows with a sarcastic tone over a militant beat. The tone of the vocals blend better with the pop sound and move away from the somewhat forced sound of the previous track. The introduction of female vocals in places is an especially nice touch here. My main complaint with this track is that while the song is entertaining at first, it goes on for too long and I could’ve done without the last 30 seconds.

I quickly forgot about any stumbling when “Wake Up” came blasting through my earphones. This is easily the best track on the album with a rocking chorus between melodic lyrics over the catchiest bass line I’ve heard. This track proves they know exactly how to formulate radio-ready pop song that would likely hit heavy rotation.

“Like a Ghost” shows up halfway through the album with a ridiculously catchy hook that even after listening to the album in its entirety, I still had it running through my head begging to be played again. However, the keyboards are a little heavy during the chorus and become a bit overwhelming as well as end up drowning out the vocals. The sound isn’t bad but the balance could use some adjusting.

The punky vocals show up again in “Dosage” and are definitely my least favorite in terms of their vocals stylings. The song itself doesn’t do much for me either and ends up sounding the most unoriginal of the bunch. Luckily they bounce back to finish off the last half of the album strongly. “Do you” has an African marimba adding some silly fun to the cheery voices, while “Give Up” turns a little toward alt country with some twangy finger picking and dusty male and female vocal layering. Although the tempo in this acoustic number seems a bit rushed for the lyrics, the closing track “Superheroes” is an endearing song.

As the album progresses the band displays their ability to change their vocals to suit different moods and differ their sound enough to avoid sounding monotonous. While there may not be anything new here, I believe the group just wants to create an energetic pop album. And in that, they do quite well. Perfectly Good Airplanes is chock full of catchy hooks, bouncy rhythms, nicely layered harmonies and infectious music that will make nearly any pop lover smile.