Deerhunter – Flourescent Grey EP

Flourescent Grey EP

Given the monumental success of full-length, Cryptograms, most bands would be basking in the glow and taking it easy. Not so for Atlanta’s Deerhunter who grace us with their second release of 2007. The Flourescent Grey EP basically picks up where the album left off, combining the droning atmospherics of space-rockers like Loop and Spacemen 3 with the kind of Martin Hannett style production and drumming of Unknown Pleasures-era Joy Division.

The main difference between Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey would be the lack of a bi-polar facade where ambient pieces rub elbows with the band’s heavy psyche-pop. Instead, the EP shows a streamlined version of Deerhunter. This version being more adept at incorporating said ambience into concise songs and reconciling the separate halves of Cryptograms, the heavy psyche with the psyche-pop.

Although it only contains four songs, Fluorescent Grey serves the band quite well as an in-between albums snack. As Deerhunter continues to evolve into a tight, well-oiled rock machine, only time will tell if they prove to be more than the sum of Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey.