Blinded Black – Under the Sunrise

Blinded Black
Under the Sunrise

If you haven’t heard the name Blinded Black before, you’ve definitely heard their sound. Following the likes of bands like Brand New, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance, St. Louis-based Blinded Black seem to have cornered the market on radio-ready pop-rock. With about as much substance as cotton candy, almost every track sounds like it could be heard on a Top 40 radio station. Unfortunately, most bands on the radio are practically indistinguishable from one another, and Blinded Black fails to set their music apart from all the others.

There are definite glimmers of potential on this record. However, Under the Sunrise will not be the album that puts Blinded Black on the map. The instruments are competently played and the band is clearly motivated to advance to a higher level. At eleven tracks and a little over a half-hour, this album offers little variety, nasally vocals, and unnervingly honest confessional-style lyrics.

“Death Is Never Permanent” and “Set In Stone” are the only two tracks out of eleven that manage to sound different from the others, minus the pointless thirty-five second synth “Intro”. “Can You Hear Me Now” is like listening to a synthesizer-infused Verizon commercial. The vengeful “A Perfect Murder” is almost creepy – the lyrics discussing an unfortunate encounter between somebody’s girlfriend and his best friend.

Blinded Black has been heavily promoted on MySpace, giving them a large fan base, and they are currently on tour. They signed on to SideCho Records after achieving success with their self-released efforts. This newest album is a disappointing collection of tracks that everyone’s heard before, and will hear over and over again.