Ambulette – The Lottery EP

The Lottery EP

Maura Davis (formerly of Denali) fronts Ambulette and if you like Howling Bells, a stronger Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays, or a less precious Angie Hart of Frenté, then you will be hooked by Maura’s vocals and desperate energy on Ambulette’s debut EP The Lottery.

At this point the main reason to listen to the band is for Maura, who sings in an impassioned, strong, straightforward, but slightly breathy style, pushing out her voice out to the ‘expressive-shouting/piercing cries’ point, but stopping just shy of being too coy, cloying, or glossy. The music is merely a dark, indie-rock backdrop for Maura’s powerful pipes.

Ambulette edges close to Evanescence territory (dark guitars and atmospherics, leaning towards goth-rock), but without the radio-friendly, unit-shifting tunes. The music needs more development (in tempo changes and range of instrumentation) and catchiness to make a lasting impression.

Listening to the five songs on this EP is also an arduous task because Maura pours her heart out through her mouth to the breaking point (although she does alternate between calmer sing-talking amid her imploring pleas), which can be exhausting for the listener (as well as the singer!).

Fans of Denali and/or those who are enamored by Maura’s voice would do well to take Ambulette for a test spin and then see what their debut album brings.