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Small Wonders #2

Machinefabriek - Zink 3" CD-R Cut Hands ( Super limited 3" CD-R from the always excellent Machinefabriek (aka Rutger Zuydervelt). Hot on the heels of his 2006 release on Lampse, <i>Marijn</i>, comes this one track affair on Cut Hands. It's roughly fifteen minutes of beautiful billowy drone. Fans of Fennesz, William … [Read more...]

Rameses III – Honey Rose

Rameses IIIHoney RoseHoney Rose features themes 1 through 6 of the soundtrack to Jon Spira's film Suityman. The ambient score of this short album, including on track 1 recorders and steel guitars perfectly matches the cover art, a still from the film, of an endless field. Incidental sounds of birds fluttering, footsteps and running water provide … [Read more...]

Broadtosser – Poison No. 9

BroadtosserPoison No. 9Broadtosser, part of the burgeoning Chicago local scene, combine elements of Patti Smith, straight rock and artists from diverse scenes such as X, AFI, the Stooges and Slint. The spooky lyrical venture of "Little Spider" evokes images of crisp leaves drifting towards the sidewalk at dusk on a brisk Halloween. Very similar to … [Read more...]

Deerhunter – Brooklyn – Silent Barn, New York – 2007-04-27

DeerhunterWhere: Brooklyn - Silent Barn, New York.When: 2007-04-27It was disgusting. My cigarettes melted into the back pocket of my pants. My matches sopped up fluid like a sponge. And I could feel rivulets of sweat flow between my buttcheeks on their way down to my socks. With eyes stinging and mood irritable, I pushed my way through the sea of … [Read more...]

Corbi Wright – All The Little Ways

Corbi WrightAll The Little WaysAlbums like Corbi Wright’s All The Little Ways are often difficult to review. Each song features only her voice with the accompaniment of a piano or a guitar and they are all extremely similar in style and tempo. There is a struggle between the album and the songs themselves. The album itself fades away into the … [Read more...]

Jatun – S/T

JatunS/TJatun, the Portland, Oregon duo of Alan Grosvenor (guitar, keys, bass, loops) and Scott Worley (vocals, keys, guitars, laptop), use swirling electronics, treated guitars and fuzzy beats to craft an eclectic mix of trippy electronica on their self-titled debut album. The 13 tracks on this hour-long musical voyage explore many facets of … [Read more...]

Autonym – Shall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?

AutonymShall We Skip To Excessive Celebration?Will Angelos is pissed off. Majorly pissed off. In fact, this guy can’t stop bitching about shit. He voxes for the hardcore/ punk outfit Autonym in a strained, raspy holler, posts quite a few malignant blogs on the band’s myspace page (/autonymla) and, and is writing an internet-only … [Read more...]

Emmure – Goodbye to the Gallows

EmmureGoodbye to the GallowsOnce again with a Victory Records release, cockiness outweighs quality. Boldly stated as "The Hardest Album of 2007," their recent signee Emmure doesn't quite reach that pinnacle on Goodbye to the Gallows. Yes, it's heavy, but that alone doesn't make it worthwhile by any means. "A Ticket for the Paralyzer" is … [Read more...]

Antelope – Reflector

AntelopeReflectorDischord's Antelope makes stripped down art-rock that makes bands like Shoplifting and Ratatat sound like the London Philharmonic. The beats rarely vary within a song and sometimes get shared between songs. A cymbal crash and an extra snare hit pass for drum fills. The guitar melodies consist of simple patterns of notes. The … [Read more...]

The Breakfast – Moxie Epoxy

The BreakfastMoxie EpoxyThough I've devoted much effort to overcoming it, I've always had a problem with jam bands and their derivatives. Instrumentally, many are not only technically proficient but often times genuinely explorative, utilizing their intrinsic musical freedom to traverse each desolate, over wise impenetrable space found on the … [Read more...]