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The Visitors
The Visitors

The Visitors debut release is the epitome of classic garage punk rock, evoking a raw, Social Distortion-like sound. At twelve tracks and barely thirty minutes in length, The Visitors self-titled album combines driving beats, simple lyrics, and gritty melodies to make an impressive and appealing debut. The New York outfit, signed to Eschatone Records, delivers with this bold and engaging album.

The lyrics cover topics like unemployment, unrequited love, and even zombies. In “My Unknown Love”, the band branches out lyrically, making this a standout track. 1970’s punk icon Roky Erickson’s “I Walked With A Zombie” is covered for a refreshing update. The lyrics are not the band’s strong point, but with this style of music, the simple, minimalist lyrics fit well.

Different genres, such as blues and doo-wop, are utilized on tracks like “Stop What You’re Doin’” and “TV Blues”. Combined with the easy-going style of play and shared vocals, The Visitors sound like they are having just a great time making and recording music. Lead singer Brian’s howling but melodic vocals are honest and vivacious.

The trio play well together, each instrument complementing the other without any being overpowering. The songs are brief, lively, and uncomplicated. This type of no-fuss punk rock is a bracing new addition to the music scene, and The Visitors debut is simple but welcome. The bluesy rhythms and captivating bass lines set this album apart. Catchy and spirited, The Visitors make honest punk rock, and a live show would undoubtedly be wildly entertaining. This sort of unapologetic passion for making music is not frequently captured on an album, but The Visitors manage it, and sound they really happy about doing so.